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AngularJS Development Services

Winklix is specialised in development of rock awesome products and solutions using Angular JS and other JS framework such as Ember JS and Node JS – really does not matter be it for web or other mobile cross platform applications .
Angular JS is known to be one of the best open source MVC framework which can be used to deliver cross platform apps and front end . Our developers also make full use of Angular JS in making cross platform app prototype together with web app development . Angular JS together with ionic application development framework is best tool for developmental purposes .

Why Develop In Angular JS ?

One of the major reason why we use Angular JS as development language is its reusability , using Modules , Controllers , Factories and Providers .
  • It provides Dependency Injection (DI) and Angular Routing feature which aid us in using coding multiple times .
  • Angular module API act as a root element of Angular application which allows changing the order of dependencies .
  • Angular JS also provides end to end testing thus almost eliminating bugs using Karma and Jasmine as testing tool .

Why Choose Winklix For AngularJS Development in India and New York ?

Winklix has been the best Angular JS development company in India , New York and London . Our team is experts in OOJS ( Object Oriented Java Script ) is expert in :
  • Developing on MVC javascript framework like Angular JS , Backbone JS etc .
  • Chat solution building using Angular JS and Firebase .
  • Mobile app development using ionic framework .
  • Rest API single page web app development with MongoDB on backend .
All we focus on delivering quality application to our clients . We always tries to deliver quality products with well designed and tested technology .

Advantages Of Developing In Angular JS

It ease on the task of designer , developers and programmer due to its dynamic nature . Also it is highly secured and can be coded in much less time . Its flexibility , easy adaptability and easy to learn has made this language the most adoptable one .
The daddy of Angular JS is Google , and hence known to be in top 3 Javascript frameworks . It makes the life of front end developers easier and also provides guidelines and architecture to application .
So in case you want any Angular JS related queries or want to hire Angular JS development company  , then we can help you on the same . Just quickly contact us with your requirement .

Top Trending Technological Advancement : BlockChain And Augmented Reality

New technologies are stepping in the market like introduction of the new spicy food – which is simply we can say at unpredictable rate . Its really getting complicated for mobile app development company to cope up with the latest technologies . Even the market analyst is getting confused about which technology is really relevant for business .

Blockchain and Augmented Reality  are most trending technologies today . Even the big player like Oracle – one of the leading tech companies has joined the club of blockchain with newly introduced cloud services . It totally depends on software development companies how they are utilising the latest to boost IT performance and business improvement .

What is Blockchain ?

Blockchain has been introduced to order to build transparent , trustworthy and commonly accessible financial future . One of the best example of blockchain technology is Bitcoin and Ethereum which always allow any user to transact without any third part interference  . Blockchain has the capability of tracking each and every transaction at faster rate .

How Does It Work ?

Blockchain process the end to end data in encrypted format to give faster and secured access to data .It is a combination of nodes in network which approved the transaction if the encrypted key matches the other before they add on finally to ledger . This technology is really fast and fully secured as it imitates every transaction in the form of new block in encrypted format .
Shipping industries have already implemented this technology , while banking sectors are playing an trial and error with this technology . This technology is helping millions to transact financial transactions in cost effective manner .

Benefits Of Using Blockchain Technology

  • It reduces cost of online transaction .
  • It is highly secured for banking applications .
  • It is faster and multiple cyber security advantages to banking application .
  • It is almost next to impossible to loose any data .
  • It increase authenticity and security .
For knowing more about reality of blockchain our article here .

Is Augmented Reality Is Also Next Future Technology ?

The mission of introducing this technology is to overcome with the problem of computer generated objects into experiencing it in the real world .
Augmented Reality ( AR) is technology which converts existing environment into virtual one . It is somewhat different to virtual reality which mainly focuses on artificial environment .
Whether it is automotive industry or a coffee shop , everyone is taking advantage of using augmented reality in order to get the benefit of computer generated graphics in their field of vision .
Many mobile app development companies such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat have already started implementing the concept of AR technology in order to be ahead in technological race .

How Does Augmented Reality works ?

In augmented reality , an augmented reality app development company overlays projected images on top of pair of glasses or goggles which helps virtual objects and layers in such a way that it gets on the top of user real world view . It also do not require any cables or desktop computer to perform its function .

Benefits Of AR Technology

  • It is unique technology and creates virtual image in real world .
  • It has the potential to attract more customer with interactive marketing strategies .
  • It is simplest way to explain or view any objects on real time basis .
  • It creates unique marketing strategy .


With such an technology improvement and latest technologies emerging in the market , its upto the choice of mobile app development agency , and software development companies to get the benefit with using latest technology which will be beneficial for both companies as well as their customer to cope up with the market condition .

Steps to build the right prototypes for building the app !!

Although a prototype does not have the capability of building the end product , but has everything from which we can start developing the app . Prototype guides you right away from designing the application to what functionality we will be present in the app.

Prototyping mostly focuses on designing part of the application . It is one of the important thing where a person can play with their ideas of creating the application and can get an idea about the app , even before the development of the app begins.Thus prototype indirectly save lot of time thus maximising the value.

Steps than can help you to create a better prototype are :

Documentation :

Before commencing anything , documenting the process serially in the process required is better option . Once upon finalisation of the documentation , just go through it and if necessary make changes accordingly.Usually the first draft is never so successful , so its better to apply your mind , comment on your drafted documents , follow a documentation process and follow it .Highlight the important sections , try to more elaborate the heading which are important.

Wireframes :

On successfully drafting the documents ,  you have achieved a milestone of putting all your ideas at one place.Now that all your ideas are around the paper, you are ready to find the money for it a more definite append by designing wireframes. Wireframes are coarse sketches and descent drawings that pay for structure to your idea. This is generally performed on the order of a large sheet or a board. Each section from the document is picked and sketched in the form of actual app screens represented in the region of the sheet/board.

Build App Blueprints :

Right from imagination to seeing it in real world , all depends on the blueprints prepared by you.Drawing the blueprint is usually the best preferred option . It should be as much detailed as it can.This step is basically about creating intuitive wireframe and adding more authentic elements to make it more real.

Now that anything is in place and solves the point of view toward of the app evolve. You are a few steps away from developing a terrific app. In this step, you are taking your app idea to the unmovable stage of developing the prototype. This will pay for a much enlarged see and vibes of the app. The huge prototype will produce the commencement of how your app will see, communicate plus users and tackle. The strengthen step can be built not far away away off from simulations and later go through psychoanalysis to ensure that the prototypes reaches all levels including the beta investigation stage.

Creating The Final Mockups :

On completing these steps, you have successfully made your unchangeable prototype that is ready for feedback from the client. These steps will bring you closer to your idea. As you touch take taking place, you will come closer to the desired product.

Winklix has a team of specialised professionals who can guide you through all the process and can assist you with development of mobile app – and that’s why we are known to be best mobile app development company 

ERP Software : Build vs Buy

The  very first question which arises while choosing the ERP system is whether to build custom ERP for your. company or buy the ERP from the vendors .In a race of choosing ERP solution for your business to improve your performance and automate your task choosing the most suitable solution will definitely help you in growth of your business . As a custom ERP software developer , we ensure our clients that we will deliver customised solutions as per the custom needs of our customer . The question which needs to be solved is will custom ERP solution will add on additional value ? In order to choose the most viable option by companies , its important to analyse both the options . While custom solution may be proven beneficial for most of the companies , but somethings going on with mass vendor route may make sense for others . In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of every solution in order to facilitate decision making process .

When To Choose Custom ERP Development Company ?

You Want A Unique Fit

The main benefit of choosing custom ERP development is you will have total control on developmental process . You can discuss in details all your requirements and business peculiarities to developers . In mass vendor software you may find that lot of things which might not be no use for you and may be proven incapable of addressing most of the issues of your organisation . In this case without any question asked , custom software is the only way to go . It is known fact that company with best technology will tend to grow more .

You Want Fluidity

One of the biggest advantage of custom building the software is they are build with keeping in mind future modification and enhancement in mind . You will have a complete fluidity if your business grows and you want additional things . Moreover custom software can take place of your existing software , which is next to impossible in case of mass vendor software .

You Want Reliable Support

The software development company will offer you a full time reliable support as soon as you hire them on the job . In addition to above you will have access to round the clock technical support team at your convince in order to effectively solve your problem that you may face during the use of custom web based ERP solutions .

When To Buy ERP Solutions ?

You have budget constraints

The main reason when most of business step back from building a custom ERP solution is cost of developing Erp software  . Mass vendor products tends to be cheaper than customised software .

You have time constraints

When you want ready to use solution and really don’t have time to build the complete software , then there is no other alternative available . Off the shell software are ready to be installed as soon as you buy it . But always keep in mind that mass vendor software will need additional time to train your employees and will cause you additional cost . Moreover that will not be able to do the same things as in customised software .

You see no additional value in it

The best solution is get the demo of the mass vendor ERP . In case they have all the things as required by your company and you are actually not in requirement of canned software that can satisfy all yours needs , then obviously there is no point of investing in custom solution .


Each system has their own advantage and drawbacks . It totally depends on your requirement that which one to choose keeping in mind the above points . In case you are looking for some custom ERP Software development company who can be upto your expectation and provide you 24×7 support then you can choose winklix .

Points To CheckList For Evaluating CRM Software Reliability

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) software have become the must must software for any business organisation . The sales and marketing department totally relies on these kind of softwares for their success and achieving targets . Gone are those days when there were only computer based installed system which can be afforded by large enterprises . Now cloud based CRM software solution has come into effect which is really easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser . The main benefit of using cloud based CRM solutions being is even be it a small organisation or a large organisation anyone can afford this .

Now the question arises being is that inspite of having numerous of CRM software solution , how can you select the right one for your business which can be proven reliable and effective solution for your organisation .

Let’s look at the quick checklist in order to evaluate potential CRM software solution :

Integration :

This is all about how well your CRM software is connected with mobile , social and email ? Mobile integration is must must approach in 2018 , and you may be missing out the major benefits of CRM in case you are not accessing your CRM from phone or tablets .
A good CRM software solution will facilitate you to send SMS together with social media integration. Your CRM should be able to integrate your email in CRM in order to track your leads and converting them into customers . It also facilitates to sync calendars and send reminders and schedule appointments .

Accessibility :

According to reports , in 2007 only 12 percent of the business are using cloud based CRM software solution  , but according to latest reports 87 % of the business are now using cloud based CRM software solution . The main reason behind this is increase use of smartphones and tablets leading to increasing amount of business .

Data Quality :

Data quality is one of the major concern and act as a important factor in judging software reliability . The data is the heart of every organisation and determined the effectiveness of communication with customers .
The CRM which gives you quick data access and timely customer updates to customer is known to be the best system for customer updates .


Powerful reporting will ensure you that you are moving ahead accurately and getting trustworthy and timely data .
Reporting also allows you to export data in preferred format , including proper filtering and graphing.Reporting also allows you to successively track the sales report and vast array of different metrics that matters to you to make data driven discussion .


The security is one of the major concern for any organisation . Information including customer data , payments , files , purchase history must be confidential , and only accessible by authorised user .
Cloud based CRM has improved the security concern. Online repository system takes care of all the data driven things .

Service And Support

Finally a CRM system will be proven good only if it is backed up by service and support system by vendor  . Your CRM Software Development Company must provide you with real time staff support which should include data migration , staff training , regular check in and more .

Most Important App Designing Principles

Designing principle are largely important for designing a great, functional mobile application interface.App designers must stick to designing principles otherwise it may lead to loose their orders.

In forwarding a step towards becoming the best mobile application developer , developers must focus on UI.

One of the most successful advice for designing mobile app is:

Research must be done with complete understanding of the task we want to accomplish on your app.You should not waste the time of your user , although the most used cases for mobile is killing time

Now lets focus on  some most important app designing principles:

The Structure Principle

Structure of both android app designing and iOS app designing are different.Design should organize the fan interface carefully, in meaningful and useful ways based upon determined, consistent models that are apparent and recognizable to users, putting joined things together and separating unrelated things, differentiating dissimilar things and making same things resemble one jarring. The structure principle is concerned after that overall enthusiast interface architecture.

The Simplicity Principle

The designing of app should be as simple as it can , thus making common task easy and using shortcuts in such a way that even a large task can be easily done with small under stable , easy to use shortcuts , in the users own language.

The Visibility Principle

The design must not distract the user with extraneous or redundant information , rather they should make application in such a way that all needed options and features must be visible.

Good designs don’t overwhelm users with alternatives or confuse them with unneeded information”

The Feedback Principle

The design should save users informed of behavior or interpretations, changes of ventilate or condition, and errors or exceptions that are relevant and of join up to the fan through sure, concise, and unambiguous language au fait to users.

The Tolerance Principle

The design should be athletic and cooperative, reducing the cost of mistakes and cruelty by allowing undoing and redoing, even though with preventing errors wherever realizable by tolerating varied inputs and sequences and by interpreting all reasonably priced activities.

The Reuse Principle

The design should reuse internal and external components and behaviors, maintaining consistency as well as take hope rather than merely arbitrary consistency, so reducing the craving for users to rethink and recall.

Winklix is software and app development company having well experienced professionals who follows above designing principles and give you awesome graphical user interface.

Hybrid VS Native Mobile App

Mobile app development is must for any business for better customer experience .User experience succeed everything else when it comes to mobile.It is know fact that hybrid app will don’t perform as well as native app is going to perform.So be choosey while choosing the platform you want to choose while developing an mobile application.Hybrid app , inspite of having lots of advantages , lacks customer experience on mobile.Thus while choosing the platform , do enquire with best mobile app development company , to get the best advice.

Native VS Hybird App : A quick overview

A native application is simply mobile application designed simply for specific OS.Since native app is build according to specific platform , whether it is android or iOS , it is not only an advantage , but app will also run faster and will give high user performance .The end user is likely to have a more cheesy experience and faster performance as that apps are easy to navigate and use. Finally native applications have significant advantage of navigating in in device function like using GPS , address books and other things.Simply when user are sending text message , sharing picture using device inbuilt apps , user is using native applications.

On the other hand hybrid app are the basic framework application that are converted by companies website .Hybrid app is none other than using HTML5 and Javascript , wrapped in container and using most of the information from the website.

Time to market or do it right ?

Now it basically depends on companies . If they want their app to launch ASAP , mean they definitely need it in short time , and at the same time , ASAP also means they unfortunately have to compromise somewhere as well as making decision on the fly.

If a company can wait for five months or more for launching their app , then building an native application is better option , but in case they need is as soon as possible , they hybrid  application is the only alternative they are having.

But at the same time , company must understand that their users always expect a greater experience  , obviously they will not care at all what approach your mobile app development team has chosen , all they want is better experience.

Simply launching your app , might get you to another step on android or iOS market , but the success of your app lies in hands of

User Experience 

The only key to success in great user experience.Once user learns how to use the device , they even don’t keen on using some other different feature , they are being happy with the way they are using their mobile devices.Thus user will want your app to  , to be like the apps they are using right now , in case they didn’t find so , they will simply delete the app.The first impression is the last impression , that is the case which exist in mobile application development field also.Once user don’t find the app friendly they will uninstall it and will never be willing to download it once again.

Winklix is also one of the recognised mobile app development company in New York and India ,serving clients all over the world since 2004.