How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App And Website Like Swiggy Or Zomato ?

About Zomato

Zomato is world recognised brand for restaurant search discovery services company . Zomato operates in more than 24 countries including India , USA , Australia and more . It facilitates people to search for their favourite restaurants nearby and can order a food thereafter and can enjoy the food either at their convince of their home or can book a table in restaurant . As an emerging technology company Zomato has raised funds from many global companies such as Info Edge ,  Vy Capital and more . And today we all know it is the dream of many young entrepreneur .
Winklix is leading IT company who can provide you best restaurant app development services with innovative features and customisation as per your needs . We are already expertise in building many world class websites and mobile application for leading restaurants and startups .

Features Of Zomato/Swiggy Like App And Its Cost Of Development

Wireframe , UI/UX Design

Well we all are aware that design says all about us . Design always act as a backbone behind success of any mobile app . Custom designing is what is required to stand apart from the crowd and in order to  step up the success stairs . The very first step to start with is wire framing in order to know exactly what anyone is going to make .
The wire framing along with UI and UX design of website and mobile application will take 200 hours  . It may take longer in case some special effect or design is required .

Login In / Sign Up

The login / signup of custom with email id or phone number together with restaurant sign up and dashboard of respective user is a time taking task .
Customer dashboard included updating profile as and when required , see order history , payment history , track orders and more .
Restaurant owners dashboard includes updating scanned menus , photos  , location , category they are dealing in , phone number , managing orders and more .
It will take around 150 hours to develop the whole concept for website and mobile app .

Search And Booking

Easy search of restaurant , cafes , pubs and cars on the basis of their location , cuisine and order process there on in such a way custom order can right away reached merchant restaurant dashboard it what whole app is all about . It will be taking 140 hours to develop the whole functionality .

Backend And Api’s

Backend includes content management system to manage app and website , together with viewing total orders , total restaurant , total list of customer and more .
Api’s is needed to communicate between app and web interface so that functioning of the app and website can go alongside without any hesitation . Api’s need to be implemented by android and iOS developer in their application to successfully make the application .
Backend development along with the api’s development will take 270 hours .

Reviews And Rating

Reviews and rating module plays a important role for the user to decide which restaurant is better by seeing genuine user rating . Rating , reviews and comments module will take 60 hours to get implemented .

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway implementation in app and website is tedious process as it all depends on third parties api’s provided by payment gateway partner . Depending on the range of support provided by payment gateway vendor , it’s implementation can take between 120 hours to 180 hours .

How Much Does Winklix Charge To Build An Online Food Ordering Website And App Like Zomato/ Swiggy ?

Well it all depends in your requirements .Quickly drop us an email with your requirement , or by filling up the form  and we love to respond 90 % of the queries within 24 hours . Winklix is leading restaurant app and website developer .

Why Does Custom CRM Development Make Sense ?

Existing CRM VS Custom CRM Development

Regardless of where your organisation presently stands – one of the greatest fact is you stand no where without your customers . Without prioritising your customer needs , no enterprise can climb up the stairs of success . The more you get to know about your customer , the more it will help you to serve your customer needs . And that is the reason behind success of CRM softwares . To maintain a strong relationship and history and in order to provide them after sales support , organisation needs to necessarily invest on CRM softwares .

There are although plenty of options when the work CRM reflects in our mind like SalesForce, SAP , Sugar CRM and so on  , but ultimately every organisation have their own custom needs and that is the reason you can prefer to develop your own custom CRM software , or choosing from SaaS CRM vendor .

Depending completely on your taste , you have the freedom to choose . Lets look at some of the key factors .

Customizing Your CRM

When it comes to CRM , solutions must be customised according to your organisation needs . Every business have their own specific requirement together with workflow and data models , and a CRM is more effective when it gets integrated with your own business aspects . The final choice rest in your hand whether they want a custom built CRM ( custom developed according to your organisation needs) or a vendor CRM( Usually developed for the mass market) .

The market leader in CRM which is providing highly customisable and agile solution is SalesForce . However they will definitely not build a CRM for you right from scratch . You will have to adjust yourself and your demands as per mass market demands or you can look out for some custom salesforce development experts .

But if your organisation stand totally out of the crowd , there is no other alternative than building a custom CRM .

Cost Of CRM Development

As we have discussed above , each option comes with customisation features , the real decision comes down with cost of investment each option will be requiring .

Usually CRM vendors usually charge for per-user subscription model which is obviously good for their pockets , but might not be for your wallet . If we say SalesForce  , their per user per month cost ranges between $ 25 – $ 300 . It will be your monthly chained expenses which you will have to necessarily pay to them , and as soon as you stop paying them all your services and data will get barred . Also the CRM developed is for mass vendor , so you might be getting the features that is initially not required by your organisation .

Of course developing a custom CRM is also costly , but you will be able to get the features exactly as required and not additional features that is none of the use for you . All of the employees can have easily access to CRM if you want without any additional fees , but at the same pace it might be requiring more maintenance cost .

Risk Factors

For SaaS CRMs , when any thing goes wrong in your company , the vendor will be responsible for helping you as a backbone for running software smoothly . That is the main advantage of choosing a vendors like SalesForce , who have the entire team who can understand your requirement and can troubleshoot the issue and keep things running , thus minimising the risk factors .

Whereas custom CRM development has high risk factor . Whether you are developing by your own , or outsourcing it to develop by someone else , make sure it is built in a good framework that can run smoothly or choose a recognised  CRM software development company to develop your CRM .

So Who Could Customise Their Own CRM

Well that’s a tricky question . Everyone should customise their own CRM as per their needs no matter whether they have chosen vendors or can gone with the customised solution .

As the most important fact , CRM must be according to your organisation needs , and not like your organisation is molded to CRM vendors .

At Winklix – The leading software development company which highly skilled professional to create web applications has potential to develop your application using python programming with Django framework which can be fully integrated with SalesForce . Our experience of working with many startups and large companies can help you build your own CRM or customise your SalesForce deployment as per your custom needs .

Always mark these words -an investment in your customer database is most important decision and it should be the perfect one for your business . It will pay out in instalment to you later on .

So you can contact us for SalesForce deployment or custom CRM software development .

Secrets To UI/UX Design When Building An App

When we are talking about building an app , entrepreneur always keeps an eye on the huge market app and play store is having to extract huge amount of business from it . In today’s world , wherein more than 2 millions apps are available in play store , and another 2 million app available in apple app store , there is no point to not to chase your app development project on the top of the best selling charts . When we are talking about the app , we must be focusing on customer centric approach . App must be designed by always keeping user in mind in order to give them enjoyable experience .

But this article is all about the UI / UX design so lets start with the secrets to UI / UX design that you should always keep back in your mind when building an app .

Adaptive UI & UX

For every user who are not technical might not be aware about responsive design . But what if we go beyond the technical approach and rather focuses on end user centric approach . Start typing petrol pump on google search and you will be noticing different result on the basis of your location , thereby showing petrol pumps nearby . In order words we can say app changes user interface and give user experience in order to enhance search result and thereby reducing the click to expose relevant content.

Push Notification Importance

According to recent studies it has been seen that push notification in app engages more user to return to app . I know it is fact that for some user it is very annoying , but when it comes to Facebook , Whatsapp , or News related app , people don’t even want to miss a single notification from that app.

The key is added value . So if you value your information on push notification , I bet you can manage to attract more user in your application , and will imply more increase in engagement of user .

Search Is King

Search is all about allowing the user to navigate in convenient way in app , and can easily find what they are searching for . Thus the best way to do that is giving user all the necessary tools that might be needed by the user including search filter , short things on the basis of criteria and so on .

First Impression Is Last Impression

User usually have the tendency to judge the app in the very first time they use the application . So always focus on first impression as it is the most critical one . Ensure will the app developers together with your own strategy that it gives an awesome experience to user in the very first run . User interactive guide to explain each and every thing about the app working will do a lot in successful of app .

Support Is Essential Part Of UX

Nothing is worse than the app crashes . But if a app crashes in such a way that user feel they have encountered glitch in matrix will help you overcome with a problem . Bugs are inevitable , then why not to make them a part of user experience ? Providing user with a possible reason for app failure together with a link to support page will help you gin trust


There is no point of getting scarred with user experience and interface design. All you need is innovative mind together with bit of common sense , and strict lines on the rules stated above .Feel free to contact Winklix here , who can help you turn your idea into amazing application .


How Much Does An App Like Practo Cost ?

Practo is India’s first company to start an online doctor booking appointment system . This venture has facilitated people to easily book appointment schedules with doctors from the convince of their home . Due to its worldwide reach , people can right away book an appointment with Indian , USA , Malaysia , Philippine and Singapore doctors to . Apart from just booking an appointment with doctors , people can also take appointment of gym , spa and saloons .

Winklix is leading healthcare app development company in India and USA , that can help entrepreneurs to develop an app like practo with more innovative features , just because our team has years of experience in software development and app building solutions .

About Practo App :

Started by a young Indian entrepreneur in late 2008 , it has gained huge success due to its easy to use user interface and new technology of booking an appointment easily by a website or app . Later in 2012 is has got the funding from different investors which has facilitated the entrepreneurs to later on expand the app based service to other parts of the world . They primary focus is on custom satisfaction and that is the reason we are talking about them today in this article .

Features Of Practo App

  • Quick and easy registration process .
  • Easy to use option to choose from doctors , spas and diagnostic labs .
  • Custom dashboard to update profile , check history of booked appointment , cancel appointment , track history of payment made and so on .
  • Facility to chat with the doctors for health related issue and arrises question free of cost with doctor in case required .
  • Searching the doctor on the basis of their expertise knowledge in field with location , area and availability .
  • Option to see over the fees of the preferred doctor together with qualification and general feedback of the custom who have availed their services .
  • Option to have one to one chat consultation with the doctor .
  • Exclusive access to health articles and health tips by health experts .
  • Option to even order the medicine online by uploading the prescription in app , and getting the medicine delivered at your home with amazing discounts .

Development Cost Of Practo Like App :

Wireframe , UI / UX Design :

Designing services is the most crucial part which can either define its success or its failure . So it must be handled and designed with utmost care . Usually when we are talking about app like practo , it generally consist of 56-60 screens in which designer has to take at most care about the easy to use design for an app . Usually the designing of app together with wireframe can range between 90 hours to 250 hours depending on the requirement of the app .

Login In / Sign Up / Doctor Registration :

Login / signup of customer with email id and even login by Facebook , twitter and other social media platform together with registration of doctors , spas and gym category wise will be taking around 45 hours .

Doctor And Customer Dashboard :

Development of customer dashboard included updation of profile by customer , keeping a track record of the appointments made together with payment history , chatting history with doctor ,Wallet  and order history .
Development of doctor dashboard included updation of profile and category by doctor , can checked for the booked appointments by customer   , can track history and so on .
The development of the custom and doctor dashboard will take 90 hours to complete .

Custom Chat Module :

Custom chat module development in order to facilitate one to one chat with customers and doctors and chatting free of cost for any health related plays an important role in healthcare industry app development and it should necessarily present in every app dealing in this industry .
The chat module can be integrated in the app via two alternative , the first one being the easy one of integrating chat with third part api’s  , in which third party will charge some bucks from you on monthly basis . Integration of third party api’s in chat will take around 180 hour to integrate successfully in app .
The second one being development of one to one chat module . Its being a hard task and will take around 400 hours . By of course it will not going to cost you anything later on .

E-commerce App Development :

We all are aware about that practo also has the functionality in which custom can buy the medicine online from the app by uploading their prescription . The whole e-commerce functionality like add to cart , payment gateway , product listing and searching will be taking 270 hours .

Searching On The Basis Of Location :

Searching of doctors on the basis of location and area along with viewing doctor profile facilitates user to search for the best doctors in and around their vicinity . Imagine if an app shows a doctor which is 40 km far from his home . Will the customer will visit over their ? Obviously not . Hence to overcome with this problem location based searching of doctor has been introduced .
The search on the basis of location and area will take 90 hours .

Blog Section :

App like Practo also has the feature of exclusive health articles and health experts in which customer can read health tips by health experts and that to free of cost . The blogging section integration in app together with the backend for managing comments , sharing and writing will be taking 90 hours .

Payment Gateway And Wallet Integration :

Payment gateway integration is a time taking task . It required 45 hours to integrate . Wallet system facilities easy payment will will take additional 70 hours to integrate .
So in case you are looking for mobile app development company who can deliver you the app like practo , you can right away contact us . We will deliver you the best app and website at affordable cost .

How Much Does An App Like Amazon / Flipkart Cost ?

Flipkart is India’s biggest e-commerce platform which was started by 2 individuals in Bangalore . They took the risk and they worth it . Started with just selling of books online , today Flipkart sells a wide range of products online including mobile , home appliances , fashion products and more . Inspite of the fact that the very first company who has introduced e-commerce in India is Amazon , but to make e-commerce industry popular in all people mind and dream of hundreds of Indian e-commerce ventures totally goes to Flipkart .

Winklix is leading mobile app development company based in India and USA known for providing innovative solution in field of app development . Winklix can help you build next big app like Flipkart or Amazon with innovative feature and rock awesome design at affordable cost .

Key Feature Of Flipkart App :

  • Simple user interface with easy to search option .
  • Menu with categories and sub categories to search in wide range of products .
  • Login In / Sign Up using phone number together with adding the product to cart , applying some discount coupons and finally placing the order which will be either payable online or on cash on delivery .
  • Image search to buy the product by image .
  • Secure payment option and convenient order tracking .
  • Notification , refer and earn option along with help centre .

Factors That Decide The Cost Of Flipkart / Amazon Like App :

When we are talking about the app or website like Flipkart or Amazon , they are relatively the largest player in the market with most of the functionality already covered in their website and application . Their functionality have taken years to built and hundreds of developers to build the same who have worked 24×7 to develop the India’s largest platform .
So as per my personal suggestion , rather than focusing on an app like Flipkart , focus on the functionality that you will be requiring to sell your product online which can make your website and application a success . This step with save your thousand of bucks for development ,and will help you to promote your website and app the way you want .

App Design

Good app design is the backbone of any mobile apps . In order to ensure success in the market you must have awesome app design . Design should be made in a way that it can easily interact with the user and must be able to give them satisfying experience .
The cost of designing :
  • Wireframe will take around 40 hours .
  • PSD design will take another 100 hours .
  • User interface and User experience will take 140 hours .

Backend Development

This is the main part which act as a active mind behind website and app . The development of the backend included showing customer data , together with CMS management , category and sub category management , order management , shipping and billing management , staff management and so on . Backend development cost will depends on the functionalities required by you in your e-commerce application . For developing functionality as stated above to run a e-commerce app will take around 480 hours .

API’s Development And Integration

API’s are necessary to connect web based admin with the mobile application . Usually developer who had developed the backend admin creates the API’s to interact with the mobile application and after that mobile app developers ( whether android or iOS ) implement the same in the application . The api’s development and integration will take around 200 hours to implement the same.

Payment Gateway & Third Party SDK

Payment gateway and third party SDK implementation is tedious job and will take around 100 hours to integrate it on mobile application .
So the total time which will be required to develop an app like Flipkart will be somewhere around 4 months with cost for basis e-commerce site will be $ 20000 . Rest it may increase or decrease depending on your requirement .
Contact Winklix – Leading mobile app developer to get instant quotation for developing an app like Flipkart . Contact us now .

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Tinder

Tinder is a social platform , in which user can sign up using their Facebook profile and can search for opposite gender individual on the basis of their location . If the user like the request made by the user , the other person will be notified and they can start chatting with each other which is incorporated in the application itself . The Tinder app is available on both Android and iOS platform for the convenience of the user .

How Does Tinder Shows Attractive Match ?

How Matches Are Made ?

This is a billion dollar question . Have you used tinder for at least once in a while ? Then the question might have come in your mind how the matches are being made in Tinder . As a Tinder user , if you send request to someone some of them get’s liked and some might not.  As per our personal analysis below are the few points based on the Tinder algorithm of showing matches to the user :


It is defined according to the number of matches and likes that particular profile is getting . The more the like of that profile , more user will be filtered similar to the attractiveness of the user  .

Spam Quotient

Tinder usually keep the track record of the user logging in to their app by their account . They saves the tracking id of the phone of that particular id , and if the user keeps on changing the tracking id then the tinder software will get to know about whether the user is a bot or a real user .

Activeness Score

If the user is newly sign up user , new suggestion of profile will be shown to user and his profile will be shown to user just to get the attraction of user so that user can get attracted to the Tinder .

Factors Based Upon Facebook Profile

Tinder also shows suggestion on the basis of your Facebook profile friends and interests as fetched from Facebook login .

Approximate Time For Development Of Tinder Like Application

Well this can’t be predefined in most of the cases . Usually we suggest our client to go on with any develop on per hour basis , rather than going on with fixed charges in which they may skip some functionality just to complete the project on time . Well the time for development totally depends on your requirement , the features required and so on . Find below the time frame according to some major functionalities as required in the application like Tinder :

  • The UI design together with animation and UX  will take  180 hours .
  • XMPP / Pusher / Pubnub Chat will take 100 hours .
  • Facebook login together with fetching friends and interest from Facebook will take 20 hours .
  • Like / Dislike and undo like/dislike feature together with imitating chat will take 40 hours .
  • Location fetching on real time basis together with suggesting profile on the basis of pinned geo location and displaying profiles thereon will take 250 hours .
  • CMS and backend development will take 180 hours .
  • In app purchases will take another 30 hours .
  • Creating and associating web services with app will take 270 hours.

Above functionalities are basis mandatory functionalities required for developing an app like Tinder . Actual time may depends on the functionalities as required by individual user .

Approximate Price For App Development

Different app development company may charge different price for developing an app on the basis of expertise knowledge and team they are having . We would suggest you to go with a company how has expertise knowledge on the same , rather than a company who will apply trial and error method on your app , thereby giving you a app which will take more time to load , and will probably have bugs in it .

Total price for developing an app like Tinder for android platform will comes out to be $ 35600 and iOS will cost somewhere around $ 35000.

The backend CMS part will cost $ 7200 . Hence the total cost of development of android and iOS app together with backend comes out to be $ 77000 , which may vary according to your requirement with the minimum turnaround time to develop an app with be 4-5 months .( Note : Price has been calculated according to $ 40 per hour )

So are you looking for dating mobile app developer , you can right away contact us  . Winklix is having experience of developing more than 1000+ mobile applications  .


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Paytm

About Paytm

Paytm is India’s largest online recharge company headquartered in Delhi , India wherein the company is owned by One97 communication . at first started with mobile recharge only , which was later on extended to online shopping , Paytm marketplace , wallet and much more . Bus ticket booking , and payment of electricity bills and at the same time gaining cash back in wallet has helped paytm to step up the stairs of success . Since India is getting digitalise , the market demand of online recharge app , and app development companies are getting increased .

Cost of developing Paytm like mobile app :

Well is it really a difficult question !! The cost of developing any recharge mobile application depends on the features ,  the platforms on which you are planning to launch your app and so on . Some of the major factors which determine the cost of app is given below :

App Platform :

The cost varies from platform to platform .  The android app cost is always on higher part in comparison with iOS app , as android app required more written code along with testing on number of devices . In case you are looking of hybrid solution rather than native one , it might not be as successful as the native one . For more information on Hybrid Vs Native app , you can refer our article here .
App Design:
App design is crucial part , and the reason to succeed behind every app success . The app design should be made in such a may that is ensures smooth interaction with the user . Engaging and eye catchy design will always bring you repeated customer . Designing an app requires using advance technologies , material design and much more , which goes beyond the role of application developer , and obviously will burden your pocket but will worth it . The designing of the app will be requiring between 80 hours to 170 hours on an average basis .
Lets take on an average around 140 hours to design the complete app , in which :
  • Wireframe required 30 hours
  • User interface will take 50 hours
  • user experience will take around 60 hours .
App Functionalities :
When we are talking an app like paytm , it may not necessarily means app completely like paytm . You may want some additional features , and not the complete feature as present on Paytm . Frankly speaking , Paytm is not an app made within few months . The development of the Paytm app requires dozens of developers along with years to build the complete app with all functionalities . According to my opinion , if you are planning to have your own recharge application , start with the few features as required and later on after your app started gaining popularity , you can add on features and functionality in it.  App development and launching is not one time job , rather it is continuous process in order to retain customer and cope up with the competitive world . The app size can be reduced to giving preferences on only core values in version 1 of the app .
Depending on the feature , if you consider the basic functionality like mobile and other recharge together with basic commerce functionality will take somewhere around 390 hours to complete which includes backend development of admin cost and implementation the things with UI .

Third Party API’s Integration :

When it comes to development of the app like paytm , specially the recharge one – it all depends on third party api’s implementation. Where it is matter of online mobile recharge , or nth recharge or you want to book a movie or bus ticket , you have to be completely dependent on third parties API’s so that customer and service providing companies can directly gets connects while using your app platform . Third party api’s implementation  requires man-hours ranging between 200 hours – 400 hours depending on the api’s required by you . Also in third parties api’s , implementation hours also depends on how well the third party support to mobile app development company in implementing their api’s .
So the api’s implementation part will take on an average of 300 hours to implement the api’s .

Mobile Wallets :

Wallet act as a lifeline for any recharge app . Recharge app is nothing without a wallet .Mobile wallet app development and its integration requires additional hours depending on the requirement . When talking about paytm mobile wallet , it allows you to add money in wallet , send money to your friend , pay money to vendor , transferring the money to your bank account and much more .
The complete wallet functionality as present on paytm wallet will be costing 270 hours of man hours.
There are numerous other features and functionality that can impact the app cost estimate like push notification , news feed , geolocation  , sms gateway integration and so on .
So interested in knowing how much Winklix charges for Paytm like app development ? Get an instant quote , feel free to contact us at or contact us by filling the form . is leading mobile app developer and game app development company serving worldwide .