5 Question You Need To Ask When Hiring A Mobile App Development Company

We usually came across with the client stories about the sufferance during their journey of app development , when they initially engaged with app development company . This problem can be overcome by asking them a set of few question , before starting any of your project .

1) Will I Own The Source Code

Imagine you have paid for the whole software , and at the end you are getting only the end product and not the source code . This is nothing other than intentionally holding the right of your application and its intellectual right . Suppose you want to change something in application or want to add on some things , then that developer might charge the price they want and will do work as per their working condition . Secondly , when you want to search for the investors or want to hire own developers , then at that point also you will be requiring source code .
Everyone’s has limited budget , but leaving the source code to any app developer is bad idea just to save few bucks.

2) How Will You Estimate Cost & Schedule Of My Project

Every client is curious at the very first stage of development about knowing the cost of the project and the time it will take to develop the whole project . Well that’s a difficult question !! It can be predicted correctly only if you have the correct estimate of the project . It’s really been difficult to give the correct time on over just 5 minutes phone call . Be wary of firms who offers low bid on your project without understanding your requirement , after a brief meeting with you . They might just want to grab the new project , and probably not bothered about understanding your needs . These type of vendor is good at the beginning but later on will create a huge problem for you and your project .
Well when talking about the time , time can only be estimated in technical field if you have the correct known requirement for your project . But in case you find later on few additional things which are required in your app , then obviously it will take additional time . So handling this kind of situation , you must go on with the hourly basis pricing with your developer , as fixed pricing is generally proven bad for your project .

3) If I Am Not Happy With How A Project Is Progressing , Can I Get Out Of Contract ?

Always make sure that you have the ability to get out of the project or any type of agreement with development company  , if you are unsatisfied with your experience . At any point you must have the ability to get the source code and design and move on to some other developer . After all you are paying for the services , and its your choice whether to choose the one or other developer .

4) Can I Meet In Person With App Developers And Designers ?

If your developers don’t have the question to this answer , then that agency is 100 % outsourcing your project to freelancer or any other contractor . That is obviously not the way Winklix work . You can meet our developers and designer spread over Noida , Pune , Mumbai , New York and London .

5) How Do You Test ?

If someone tells you testing is basic QA after the app building , then you must not choose that app development company.  Testing is an important part of the project and should me implemented throughout the developmental process . At Winklix , we offer different testing methods to ensure bug free delivery of the mobile application .


A mobile development company is always focussed on successful launch of app. But it may happen that your app does not get the response that you expected. The reasons behind the unexpected response are as follows:

Impractical Expectation

For the successful launch of an app, only a good idea is not enough. To make a product successful it requires the perfect blend of a brilliant idea, a perfect strategy, good execution of the plan and a bit of luck.

While choosing an app development company, it may happen that you have unrealistic approach which the mobile app development company may not understand. Either the deadline is too unrealistic or you don’t have sufficient funds to fulfil your expectations. It may also happen that the app designers are not good enough to fulfil your expectation.  

To create a good design, a decent amount of time, great designing skills are needed. A brilliant design provides a great user experience to the user. Make sure that the designer understands your high expectations so that they can execute the plan according to you high expectations.


App gets out-dated

With time, website designs, apps layout, user requirements changes. With the change in trends, it is essential to keep app and website up-to-date otherwise your product will lag behind. So it is very essential to keep an eye on the current market trends to be successful.

A good product needs continuous evaluation. Analyse the reviews and suggestions by the users. Test your product and if necessary make the changes to your product iteratively. This will ensure that you app does not get out-dated and it continue to improve. Don’t take any shortcuts as shortcuts are way to failure.


Choose the professionals for building you product!!

It may happen that you are a small business company and have a limited amount of budget due to which you decide to build the website by yourself using the services of readymade templates from websites like shopify and squarespace. But by using these websites, most of the times your website will not get success. 

So it is better to consult the experts for building the websites and even for apps. These companies provide you a cutting edge technology to build your website or app and will give you an upper hand over others. Winklix is an experienced and reputed company which has a mastery over developing websites and apps. We have a very dedicated team that is focused on building apps on both platforms whether it is android or iOS.

Building site yourself does not provide quality which app development companies provide.

The UX Review

UX Review means review of the existing product to improve its user interface. This helps to enhance user experience and to meet the needs of the user. There are several way through which UX Review can help your product. Some of them are as follows:

User consideration 

Preference must be given to the user’s needs and requirements. A designer must do research on the designs and layouts of the product. The reviews, ratings and feedback must be considered to improve the product. The product must be improved keeping in mind the business goals.

User Flows

While the development of product, the process must be broken down in number of steps. These steps are together knows a user flow diagram. Each step must be completed and if there is potential for any improvement, it must be done instantly.

Gives actionable approvals

Make sure that the previous points are highlighted so that you can get a good UX review. Make sure that the important information is highlighted in such a way that it draws attention of the users.

Having an expert review of your website helps you improve and enhance the website. A UX review gives a greater understanding of your app.

3 Key Principle Of Successful App

In this increasingly competitive market , Apps who is giving the best user experience together with customer satisfaction will succeed…


As one of the top most app development company in India with over 4+ years of experience in mobile app development , we completely understand our clients requirement and develop their end product as quickly as possible . However , its really being important what client is actually looking for , from user prospective point of view , as changing something at the development stage will ve something which will cost more .

At Winklix , we apply our 4+ year experience for satisfying user experience while starting with any of the project handed over to us . As soon as we get the project we start with the blueprints taking over to design and then development . In our believes , successful apps are those apps which are able to solve the problem efficiently , has an outstanding app design , and it well connected .

The above given principle are being drown from our series of researches , interviews and surveys . Our type of conducting researches means we gain comprehensive understanding of the problem faced during app experiencing by user , and getting the way to solve that .

Only the best app has the potential to survive and succeed in the competitive market , and hence the steps above are essential for both startups or established company .

Now lets discuss about the key for successful app building :

Focus On Solving One Key Issue

Even before your design or development process of app starts , you must conduct a detailed research of what your app will actually going to offer customer and what all necessary features are required in your app in order to satisfy your customer .
At Winklix , We have often seen our clients focusing on additional features of the mobile app , and not focused on the basic features that user is going to use and want in real time basis . Additional features are being used rarely for sometime by the user , but basic feature of the app is key to successful app .

Outstanding Awesome Design

Well… Design Design Design is what is matters . Any of the successful app always have a flawless design that flows smoothly from screen to screen . Winklix years of experience has teaches us how to create an engaging user experience for them . Our wireframes and rough sketches are always based on perfection of app , before we really start on developmental process .
Once upon completion of this stage , and you are satisfied with your wireframes we start with visual and material design , which will choose font , its size and colour font for you .

Connected And Easily Shared

If you want to get the full benefit of the social media and free of cost advertising and wider reach , then sharing your app on the social media platforms are the best way .  For any app to get success and popularity , sharing on the social media will surely plays an important role . Most of the social media platforms are providing API’s which allow developer to push and pull data . We are actually relying on many of the cloud service api’s to facilitate our customers and saves our time if we really prepare it from scratch .


In conclusion , a successful app must focus on solving one key issue , must have an awesome design  , and must be socially active . And these all must be determined positive by user’s .
So in case you are looking for mobile app development company , you can right away contact us to get the best things done in short span of time .

Mobile App Development Trends To Watch In 2018

The past year was the year of app development , and this gorgeous trend will follow in 2018 also . Mobile is becoming the main streamline for any kind of business for boosting their revenue by customer satisfaction thorough launching of mobile app . Mobile app development trends is continuously changing as changing in the dynamically changing world , and each year comes with more cutting edge technologies . Lets look at top trends which are expected in year 2018 .

Top Mobile App Development Trends


AI will leave its footprints in both  building techniques of mobile applications and enhancing their technical possibilities .AI has the capability to provide a powerfully technology possibility that they may have never seen before . Many of the startups are now a days being adopted by big companies like Facebook , eBay , IBM to get the best talent of Artificial Intelligence .


If you are little crazy about mobile app development trends , then you might be aware of the technology of AR and VR . Games like Pokemon go , myNav are great examples of these technologies and is gaining huge popularity among users . The technological advance of these technology is to influence customers in many meaningful way .


By using IoT technologies , things are actually getting more and more smarter . Although for developers , it involves a series of developmental process and backend infrastructure to share data with devices , but it is proven for being a great technology . By using this technology , data sharing and analytics will become easily and efficiently available for access from anywhere .

Mobile App Security

This the trend of mobile app development technology is increasing day by day , so is the question of app security , since it contain users personal data and lots of other information . Apps with built in security features will obviously do more in the market . The greatest example being to Apple programming language is being shifting from objective-c to swift , which is Apple’s own development language , thereby providing enhanced security features and UX design .

Best Languages For Mobile App Development To Watch In 2018

1. Swift

Apple swift code has already ruled out in the market to simplify the working of the developers , as swift being the Apples own developmental software for iOS and OS X . As per the recent study swift code is much easier than Objective-C  . Also Swift eliminated the possibility of technological vulnerabilities , that was earlier being arisen with Objective -C . Thanks to Apple for introducing Swift and making the life of the developers much easier in developmental process .

2. Java

Java is most widely used programming languages in the world with the estimate 9 million software developers . Java is an open source programme which is easy to learn , reduce errors and makes easier to face challenges . For building on more common code on multiple platforms , Java is always a preferred choice .
Hope you like the above articles . In case you are looking for application developer , Winklix.com has gained the name in this industry to the top of the things. You can contact us now to get your next big app developed .


There are numerous number of choices to make when it comes to the web development. The technology is changing at a very rapid pace. One day people are using a technology, next day they may move to another technology. And that is the precise reason why people are shifting to MEAN stack from LAMP/WANP server.

MEAN stack is thriving in today’s competitive world leaving behind all the competitors. MEAN stack is the most preferred technology when it comes to building a website for well-established organization or start-up business. For web development, lot of developers both frontend and backend developers prefer using this JavaScript framework.

MEAN is open source software where M stands for Mongo DB, E stands for Express, A stands for Angular JS and lastly N stands for Node.JS respectively. It is very essential to focus on every technology of MEAN. The perfect blend of all the components of MEAN make it easier for the developers to develop the websites.


MongoDB is an open-source database and cross platform independent framework. It is used in managing the database of a website. It does not depend on rows and tables; instead its architecture comprises of collection documents. One of the biggest benefits of using MongoDB is that it uses JSON format for transferring of data.

It is a cheap technology used to transfer data between server and clients. You can even use it for different purposes like load balancing, aggregation and storage of files.


ExpressJS is a JavaScript framework which helps in creating API while developing web applications. Through this cutting edge technology, you can add or remove features. It has a very deadly combination when combined with Node.js. It makes the development process convenient and simplified. The apps developed using express.js are very reliable and faster.


We know that express.js is used for backend services, but what about the frontend operations. Angular JS is another javascript framework used for frontend operations. Applications developed through this framework are quite reliable as it is developed by Google. It has a modular structure used to build fully scalable dynamic web apps.

One of the best thing about AngularJS is that it provides data binding to help users to build dynamic app. It is used to build single page applications.


Node.js is also a JavaScript framework which is based on Chrome’s V8 engine. I has a run-time feature that helps in developing scalable and vibrant web applications. It assists in accessing data streams, network, building web server, free modules, networking tools, crypto based functions etc. It supports all major servers like Apple IOS, Windows etc.

Benefits of choosing Mean Stack:

MEAN is a full stack framework so the users don’t have to search for different developers to accomplish various tasks. This has made MEAN budget friendly. Since its launch, the developers are showing a very keep interest in the MEAN stack development. The code developed by the developers is reusable and can be shared. Due to this, MEAN stack is gaining huge popularity.

Another big advantage is that it is a full JavaScript framework which supports both Linux and windows. It is huge advantage for clients and server side. It assists in managing the data and offers a unique user experience because of its presence of JavaScript.

It is a very powerful and reliable framework that helps user to develop web apps and speeds up the recovery process. Both Angular.js and Node.js provides scalability due to which traffic of the site increases. JSON helps in seamless distribution of data between Angular JS and MongoDB. You don’t have to write same code over and over again. If you notice carefully, you will find that all frameworks that constitute MEAN are free and open source. It already contains additional libraries and reusable module. These all factors help in accelerating the speed of the app development process.

There is no doubt that mean is the perfect choice for developers who want to build dynamic and highly visited web applications.


We are all conscious of the fact that both Android and iOS development platforms are the brutal competitors of one another. In the last couple of months, both hosted big events where they revealed a series of highly cutting-edge gadgets and updated Operating Systems. Although the competition is exceedingly tough in every aspect and sphere but when it comes to security factor, iOS scores the goal to knock it out of the challenge.

According to a recent study, it was found that Android platforms are more vulnerable to malware and viruses. Both Apple and Google are trying their best to offer secured operating system but why that Apple has outclassed Android and why does experts trust iOS platforms more than Android. Let’s find out the reasons:

Android is open Source

One of the major reasons mentioned by the technology professionals in connection to the important question is that Android as an Operating System is an open source. Because of this feature that anybody can get an access to the Android platform, it poses a security threat. However, having any such infiltration in iOS is nearly very challenging if not impossible.

The professionals also view that the risk becomes more evident if a user is trying to modify his phone settings and he does not get satisfactory results. It becomes very easy for the hackers to track your mobile phone and get into the details.

The security problem will still be a matter of distress even if the changes or modifications are conducted by a developer. The Android is open source; it allows hackers to distribute malicious malware.

Apple is very stern in imposing the terms and conditions in downloading and taking control over the software. This means that you cannot launch every app on the Apple app store just like in Google Play Store.

One can mention the instance of Apple versus FBI case where Apple did not fulfil the requests of examining agency to unlock an iPhone 5C. This shows how stern it is when it comes to security.

Enterprise Apps: iOS is the winner

The business mobile apps has become as a big advantage for the enterprise and business communities as it has decreased the pressure of work to a much scope. It has made the employees to work proficiently even outside the buildings of office through the innovation of BYOD technique. But it has also raised severe questions on security as everyone is sharing the same data using their device.

Both competitors gave a hard fight for the top spot and taking every possible step to enhance and improve the security of the apps. In both of the cases, developers have the chance to build a secured space which is free from user profile data and helps user to install business apps. There are various tools such as VPN tunnels, and data encryption which also helps in securing the network data.

App Testing – iOS is better

Mobile App Testing is an important process before the app is finally launched on the app store and goes live for the users. As far as testing of the apps is concerned, Apple does not leave a single margin for error on its end and is very stern on this parameter. All apps have to go through a tough test before being allowed to download from app store.


Both Android Operating Systems and iOS platforms have their advantages and disadvantage; but iOS remains unbeatable when it comes to security parameters. This is mostly because of the fact that Apple has always maintained the strictest of policies on downloading and development of apps, user interface and experience, app testing etc .

Things to consider before choosing an iPhone app development company

The iPhone app development market is growing rapidly with each passing day due to increase in demands of users and presence of iOS app development tools. These mobile apps are going to generate huge revenues in the future. There are around 2 million iOS apps on the app store. This shows the demand of iOS app developers. But before choosing an IPhone app development, it is necessary to look into some factors before making any decision.


With so many apps already available, if you an awesome idea regarding iOS app, you shouldn’t wait in choosing an iPhone app development company. It may happen that if you wait for building an app, then that idea may click in someone else mind. His app will be created first which will result in your financial loss.

When you give your IOS app project to the development company, they will propose a price for building you app. You have to make sure that they are asking relevant questions regarding you app. If they are not asking relevant questions, then it means that they have not gone through your project. It does not matter how much they offer for your app, if they are not asking valid questions, then it means that this is not a good IPhone app development company for you!

Analyse company’s reviews

Whenever the project gets completed, clients give reviews about the app development company. Do a proper research about the reviews and rating which will give you detailed analysis about the company. While doing research, not only focus on the end product but give proper attention on what the customer have to say about their services and support.

Timeline and cost

Make sure that the app development company builds your app within the given time frame. Ensure that in completing the project within the deadline, the quality of the app is not decreased. The company should be building your project at a decent cost. The iPhone app development company must complete all the requirements in the desired time frame at the lower cost.

Supports all platforms

Another big thing is that your selected app development companyworks on all the platforms. In today’s times, mobile apps are generally launched for both platforms that is android and iOS. So make sure that the selected company have enough experience of other platforms as well because if you have to launch you app in other technologies, then they can easily build it for you.


It is very common that the small companies do not have knowledge of every technology. So they may outsource your work like testing and designing to external company. Make sure that the company is trustworthy because you are outsourcing your precious information to third party.

After researching about above points, you should check the portfolio of the company, what projects they have completed and in how much time. Only after considering all these points, an iOS app development company must be chosen.