Java Or Kotlin : Who Is The Originator Of Android Application ?

At whatever point we consider building up an android application , we generally consider creating it on java dialect . Anyway its 2018 , wherein there are assortments of options accessible to fabricate the app separated from java .

Certain programming dialects has possessed the capacity to get numerous eyes off of late this years and one of them is Google I/O , which is presently known to be the primary authority dialect of Android , named as Kotlin . Indeed, even the android studio bolsters Kotlin . Kotlin can be utilized effectively in android studio and the fundamental advantage being it diminishes the general app improvement time to incredible degree .

Presently the principle perplexity which emerges while discussing app development is which one to pick : Java or Kotlin ? Which one is better ? Gives read a chance to further to additionally discover .

What Is Kotlin ?

Kotlin is open source programming dialect use to fabricate amazing mobile applications . It is preloaded with question situated and utilitarian programming highlights for JVM and Android .

Kotlin was initially found in 2010 by JetBrains , the firm which is known for its surely understand Java IDEs .

Kotlin VS Java

The best part for the engineer with regards to taking in a Kotlin is any accomplished Java designer can get the entire thought of Kotlin and that to inside couple of hours . Kotlin is initially arranged from Java just , and that is the reason designers can utilize both Java and Kotlin all the while to get the best yield .

Java structures and libraries can be effortlessly made in Kotlin . Picking Kotlin over Java will most likely give you number of advantages in your app improvement process, for example, safe throwing , augmentation capacity and substantially more .

Is Moving From Java To Kotlin Is Good and Safer Decision ?

Java is universes most broadly utilized programming dialects , anyway it probably won’t be the situation when we are discussing Android improvement aways.

Java is an ancient dialect , albeit late dispatch of Java 8 with lambda work has inspired numerous engineers , however the truth of the matter is the point at which we are really assembling apps on android studio android will just help subset Java8 highlights , and consequently you will be unable to take the full stack preferred standpoint of Java 8 .

Aside from it NullPointException and attempt snappy squares are one more of the best issue confronted purchase a software engineer amid advancement . As we as a whole know java is old dialect , its grammar is likewise exceptionally old when we are contrasting it and present day programming dialect .

So noting the above inquiry , Kotlin code is superior to anything Java code , and can consummately chip away at android . In any case, Kotlin isn’t favored for freshers as it will be difficult to learn in the event that you don’t know with the idea of center Java . So for amateurs you can begin with Java and can later proceed onward to Kotlin .

So Will Winklix Prefer You To Use Kotlin ?

Java is an old school programming dialect which we have been utilizing since most recent 10 years . Despite the fact that there are top of the line designers who can give you a magnificent yield , yet the impediment of programming dialect is dependably been there throughout the years . What’s more, that is the reason Kotlin has accompanied more practical approached, for example, :

  • Stays away from NullPointExceptions mistakes
  • Simple to get because of open source
  • Diminishes coding time for better execution
  • It very well may be utilized with Java .

Simple to learn on the off chance that you know about sentence structure of Java .

Kotlin For Android Development : Yes Or Not ?

Umm… on the off chance that we were in 2015 , then we would have not received the same as Kotlin was not develop enough craftsmanship that time .

Be that as it may, the uplifting news is its 2018 , and yes Kotlin is develop enough to deal with all sort of demand . It likewise pre accompanies Android Studio bolster which implies IDE knows how to get the most out of this innovation . Anybody can take in this dialect easily , which giving less long haul crashes the Kotlin is wanted to be sent with different new highlights in coming years .

It is an advanced programming dialect and may defeat on Java inside couple of years . Java and Kotlin the two has the capacity of supporting all Java libraries and systems . The help and network for Kotlin is additionally expanding step by step .

So Kotlin has a more promising time to come and Java will unquestionably remain the mainstay of android app improvement which each fresher ought to learn at introductory stages .


Common UX Mistake During App Development

With no uncertainty it is perfectly clear that an appealing app configuration will dependably pull in client’s . Albeit mobile app development is intricate assignment . In 2018 , where app stores are overwhelmed with assortments of app , it’s exceptionally hard to think of one of a kind brand character which accompanies User Experience (UX) plan .

Pulling in rush hour gridlock from the web crawlers will takes years , if advanced persistently , and that is the reason a large portion of the mobile apps does not ready to get open consideration . For any best mobile app development company the plain first point is to show signs of improvement results by method for client experience and (UI) . It is seen in a large portion of the cases that if the client does not discover app alluring than they in all probability won’t come back to the app and site , because of unfortunate experience .

When we are discussing UX , its considerably more than just interface and visual outline . A decent UX planner is known to be one who are trend-setters , innovative and takes after of most recent patterns .

A portion of the basic UX botch that client must abstain from amid mobile app development are recorded underneath :

Thinking about UX As One Person Responsibility

On the off chance that you are considering giving a job of UX to a solitary individual then you are totally wrong . UX is never heading off to the one individual obligation , rather it is done in collaboration . Normally characterizing a shared objective and taking the entire group warning and inclusion amid all over developmental process will assist you with controlling background and mastery at their ability levels to advise all item appraisals .

Not Considering UX At Beginning Phase

A definitive client of the app gathering of people . It is imperative to get client criticism , their tongue of taste while outlining UX at starting stage . There are different distinctive models that that should be embraced to upgrade the shot of app achievement like MVP , model , wireframe and more .

Keep away from Complicated Login Pages

You probably observed the apps that contain protracted and confused login process , which at some point disturbs client which at last prompts erasure of apps . Offering a straightforward social login or login by means of email and telephone number/else giving them visitor login choice is better arrangement .

Confused And Messy App

Application ought to dependably be flawless and clean , ought to give route manual for client about how they can utilize the app featuring critical highlights of app and an obvious simple to utilize working . The planner ought to have a reasonable vision preset as a primary concern that the app is getting produced for individual utilize and not business utilize . Together with the originator imaginativeness , you should likewise deal with customers request and decision to get the best yield .

Perplexity Between UI And UX

UI and UX are two unique things , despite the fact that U is considered as center in mobile app development . It is has not been maneuvered carefully , all other depending modules and capacity will likewise not be on the track . The innovation is constantly changing in progressively changing condition and the plan must receive the most recent innovation so as to get best fit yield . Utilization of material plan , visual outline , graphical outline can help app in conveying the best UX .

Try not to Write Complicated Content

Content is the lord to accomplishment in online condition . It helps in SEO , it helps in connecting with client , getting app includes on App Store and considerably more . Keeping away from confused substance composing will increase the value of your app . Client finds extremely hard to peruse and comprehend muddled substance , and thus substance ought to be enlightening .

Try not to Avoid Feedback

Criticism is constantly known as a charger for mobile app . Accepting criticism as vital things and rolling out the improvements as needs be will assist the group with knowing the result go their diligent work performed . Continually approaching customers for input , rating and remarks will add on to your app image esteem and help you enhance the app as indicated by the necessities and decision of the client. Input is dependably for improvement of app , no never under any circumstance consider dismissing it .

How Much It Cost To Develop An App Beyond Developmental Cost

You more likely than not read arrangement of discussion from us in regards to what amount does it truly cost to build up an app which discloses to you the developmental cost based on scope , stage , sort of mobile app development company and different elements which are straightforwardly connected with development .

Presently we have discussed the developmental cost of the app , its essential to consider other vital variables that will fundamentally bring about all through the procedure of your adventure .

Building up an app for offering to client is only the little piece of speculation . The genuine cost of the company will get brought about in finding the clients for the app , support and standard refresh of app and more .

Cost Factor To Consider Beyond Mobile App Development

Showcasing Of App

At the point when your app isn’t getting great download and clients then it implies you are deficient with regards to some place in your showcasing procedure . Now and again item likewise flops because of low perceivability in the market .

Characterizing promoting methodology is essential part for any business compose to drive client securing and mobile app development . Gone are those occasions when there were just few of the apps are accessible on the app store . Presently particular app stores have been overflowed with different sorts of app in every industry .

So dependably remember while propelling the app you are venturing in into very focused market and you need to design your item and administrations so that your app will be up from different things . The one stop answer for this is promoting your app to get its prosperity .

Running a mindfulness battle before pre dispatch of app ought to likewise be the piece of your showcasing system . Showcasing is dependably a continuous procedure and it ought to strategise as a main priority even before the developmental procedure of app begins . Generally propelling the join page amid pre propelling of app , advancing app by video mystery , paid publicizing , blogging , site and points of arrival will add on esteem even before propelling your app , in this way ganging you more clients .

The financial plan of promoting your app thoroughly relies upon the kind of market you will enter in and who really are your intended interest group .

Cross Departmental Involvement

Typically an arrangement of UI/UX planner , designer , backend engineer , QA , analyzer is required to construct any effective app . Also, solid inclusion of every one of the group is required to convey any effective app keeping in mind the end goal to actually broadened .

Together with making arrangements for sublime advertising your app and satisfies your business objectives , you will likewise need to represent inside endeavors required with supporting and maintaining the app .

Mix of IT and building assumes a key part in development , coordination and different administrations which you might look achieve through mobile app . Regardless of whether you have enlisted mobile app development company , your open individuals must need to include with them by method for solid correspondence for effectively constructing the app .

Support , Upgrade and Continuous Delivery

Your engineer genuine occupation begins after starting dispatch of mobile app , as after dispatch is only the starting . Continuously endeavor to remember the future cost which will be brought about in keeping up the app and fix bugs and to reveal any adaptation update . The point here is you should have a long haul vision on the off chance that you need to exist in long haul and make your app a win .

It is generally observed that at first after the dispatch of app , it takes around a half year to get it built up and leave sign of durable association with clients . Constant and normal upgradation as per progressively changing condition is the thing that client thinks that its intriguing . In the innovation driven world , you can’t hold client for long on the idea of ” set it and overlook it “attitude .

Mobile app development cost will caused as forthright cost , yet will happen after some time . Contracting a decent mobile app development agency causes you to give a reasonable structure that gives you adaptability to manage and enhance after some time together with characterizing a general mobile technique .

Consider mobile app development an a venture , which will build your income in long haul if done effectively , and a correct mobile app development partner having mastery learning will motivate you to meet your normal needs of your business association .

Mobile App Prototyping Techniques


Mobile app prototyping is one of the essential task to be completed at the very first stage to give the overview of the app to designer as well as developer . At Winklix , we follow agile approach to mobile app development , and hence we follow early approach for prototyping . This article is written solely for the purpose of highlighting the benefits of prototyping at early stages of product app development , so that the end user of the app gets the best experience of the product so far .

Two Stages Of Mobile App Prototyping

The process of prototyping starting after completion of the initial design process and wireframing . Design is to showcase in person what the app is going to look like displaying all the necessary features that need to be prioritize which by using their designing skills . At this stage the mobile app UI and UX also starts to form , following mobile app wireframes . Building a clickable prototype is like flight Onboarding for our designer wherein one will get to know the look and feel of the app looks .
The final step before we take of for developmental process to start on , prototype are must to check interaction we are building are correct and is upto the mark for the problem we are trying to solve with app development .
In a  lengthy process of app making , we follow the process of drawing on a rough sketch , wireframing , prototype , development and then finally final design . Therefore it is necessary to spend as much time as necessary for making such interaction and it is also fact that it might change multiple times but don’t regret to do that as everyone learns from mistakes and mistakes improve makes an awesome app .

Advantages Of Early Mobile App Prototyping

The answer is simple , as soon as we get the prototype , early we will be able to get the user feedback for the same. The benefits to us in number of way for our irritative approach to app design and development . Our team loves to hear comments and deliver the best according to the recent market trends .
Everyone has their own taste of design , and its important to know the concept of every person together with adding the spices with our own chefs . To begin with prototype , we can start user testing immediately – thereby giving overview of how the product fits in the market .
User feedback plays a important role in any of the process and helps to save lots of time and money as by this we will always be able to deliver what user is exactly looking for . This also helps us finding of mistakes at early stages and therefore rectifying it before the development process starts .
Prototype also reduces the communication gap between designing and development team  .

Taking The Most Out Of Mobile App Prototyping

In present time quick , single interactions is the key to success of any kind of app . It is necessary to start with prototyping immediately after completion of UX research. At Winklix , we recommend our customers to block your time with designer and developers both in same room to get the best overview of the possibilities to get the things on the right track . By this process we are always happy to save our tons of times which would have been wasted if we had not followed this process .
The best outcome of wireframe can be obtained by following a lo-fi approach of creating a wireframe and avoiding a hi-fi approach . Winklix creates wireframes in grey scale in order to just focus on layout and user journey , as basic structure , feel and journey is the first which needs to be focused on.

Why Prototype Matters To Winklix

Every team of our dedicated developer always focuses on creating an app that user will love and which gets featured on app stores. And for that we try to focus on user satisfaction . During the wireframing process of product , we get clear piece of every motion to be performed . From the early stages of the process , its important to test each element in order to get the best outcome . The earlier you do the same , the more user friendly app it will be .

How Mobile App User Has Changed Today ? And What Actually They Need In Mobile App

As the new era of app development has began due to recent improvement in technology and coming of AR/VR and machine learning , people are considering it as a miracle of technology . As a result of which user expectation from the app has now reached to next level . Now we all have smartphones full of apps which we use in our daily life for various purposes . Now lets quickly see how mobile app behaviour has changed .

User Are Expecting Live Interactive Elements

It’s been usually seen now that if you are offering a static screen in your app , they will get bored . Now in order to attract and  retain the user , the screen should move . In order for app to get success in present world it must offer a rotating app, tips to use apps , offering them slide here and there feature to play around the app , giving them notification which they complete performing the task and more .
These all can be achieved by hiring a mobile app development company who has awesome team of designer who can create the interaction according to needed scenario .

They Look Forward To Personalisation

This is the most common tricks followed by any sales guy , in which they try to interact with the customer to gain trust and sympathy . This case is same in case of mobile apps . Now user expect the apps by which they are interacting should offer them personalisation in order to make the life of the user easier . For instance , Amazon shows items on the basis of search history on its home page .

User Looking For Simplified Authentication & Registration Process

Many of the mobile apps and we services required prior authentic and signing up before using the app. Many of the past apps have offered a long form with authentication process which have tested the user patience , due to which customer patience has got broken.
And herein explain the most awkward movement , user want to get the full access of the app and at the same time the personal information of the app should no where gone in wrong hands – which simply means apps should be made in such a way that it does not take any personal information of the user and at the same time appropriate measures should be taken for data hacks .
The best possible solution that present time developers do is they offer registration via social media or facial or voice recognition which facilities simple authentication .

User Want Data Synchronization

User consider they value for time and comfort . And that is the reason they want data sync to get it accessible from any of the devices . Whether they are working from office or are at home , data should be sync and accessible from anywhere . The best example is Google And Apple , who have left no way to access and store data on drive and iCloud and it can be easily accessible from anywhere .

User Expect Apps To Fulfil Their Desire

In present world , a mobile app can keep a track record of the type keywords on your keypad and can give you suggestion according to the recent chat history . At the same time advancement in technology such as Apple Watch measure your time to time heartbeat and physical activity in various situations , and can also have the capability to predict when you can wake up in the morning , all possible because of Machine Learning ( MI) .
Thanks to Machine Learning ( MI) , by which mobile app has reached to next level , although it is still in developmental stage and we can expect much more in next future from it .

User Want To Tap , Swipe , Drag In App

Gone are those these when button is the only way to interact on mobile phones . Now the evolution of touch phones has begun which evolves gestures and tapping . Gestures gives a real world natural experience and thereby fits with the way we want to interact with the objects .

User Like Voice Control

In the very first decade of introduction of phone , it was necessary to tell telephone operator the number you want to connect with . Then this process was automated and now voice control has been introduced wherein usually the numbers are getting recognised by giving voice commands . The ability of mobile to function as per your voice command has opened the new doors of voice control .

Closing Remarks

We have seen that user are becoming more choosy and demanding . As the result of which in order to get the best app delivered you must choose an app developer who can offer you the implementation of the latest technology in the app and takes into account the changes that have happened to customer.

Mobile App Budgeting Mistakes

Mobile app budgeting is task which many companies fails to estimate it accurately . It’s important for any mobile app development company to estimate the total cost of the fully functional , user ready mobile app . Not accurately measuring the budget of the mobile app often means underestimating the time , resources and budget required to build useful products . Some of the most common mistakes that people makes as per our past experience are given below :

Ignoring Backend Development & Service Integration

One of the biggest app budgeting mistake that people make is estimating the budget according to the number of screens required in the mobile application , that is used by user to interact with the app . Wherein the fact is UI is just a small part of the whole app which we can say is like machine , and the majority of part depends on other functions .

When we are talking about app development , it consist of content management system (CMS) , API’s which meant to be connected by backend in order to function the app , and third party integration ( like push notification , google analytics for user tracking , social media login , live chat etc.) which contributes the major portion on app development . Lets look at each of them in details :


The CMS means content management system that facilitates easy configuration and content services . Thinking of managing the CMS part with the WordPress ?? Don’t ever think of the same . Rather it should be intended specifically for mobile for providing best mobile experience .

Updation the app on play store due to end point changing in the API will definitely create hindered for the mobile app users . So mobile CMS should also be taken as a part of development which should provide general configuration to images , content management and more .

Backend Infrastructure :

Backend act like a backbone for every app to handle any kind of request . Without a proper backend infrastructure data will nowhere get stores in server . Common backend infrastructure requires is booking appointment , handling notification , sending messages by server and much more . It is known fact that mobile app is nothing if it does not shows the right data in timely fashion .

Third Party Integration :

Developing an app right from the scratch is something that will consume lots of time and therefore will also loose your pockets .And that is the reason we relies on third part integration which act as a problem solver .Push notification , social login , authentication are just few items of the same .

Thinking Mobile Apps And Website Aren’t Much Different

If you are think that the backend admin for website and mobile apps are somewhere similar and required no additional functionality for mobile apps then you are absolutely wrong !!

Apps requires backend infrastructure together with  front end , CMS  , third part integration , which requires much more time than website . The cost and time should therefore depends on the complexity of the project .

Mobile Apps are not website . Its important to break down the technical complexity behind app development process and how they are really doing to communicate with the backend . Information needs to be fetched from the server at faster speed to deliver the higher user experience .

Lack Of Marketing Budget

We all know that how much competitive is app market . Targeting user to use your app is quite difficult task . Marketing your app is key factor to drive user acquisition and growth . So as in the case of other product and services , your app needs to be promoted through various medium to be it successful .

Estimating the cost of marketing the mobile app at the very early stages is bit difficult task . It can be decided on the basis of market trends , type of app , competition involved and more . For instance say you want certain amount of revenue for the first 6 months . How you are going to get the same .Obviously no one will download the app automatically without seeing or knowing about the same . In order to achieve your goals , you necessarily have to set marketing budget to start the same .

In another example say you want 15000 downloads of app in the very first month . That is next to impossible until and unless you heavily invest on paid promotions of app .

Customer Demand For Constant Updates

Customer demands continuous update in app due to quickly changing mobile technology . Continuous delivery of the app according to the demand of the customer should be top most priority for any mobile app development company in order to sustain for any mobile app .

Following a future vision approach , and then delivering according to the demand always allow you to meet and succeed customer demands .

So you must develop a strategy while planning your budget , usually long term to get a total estimate of efforts and resources required ;

Know How To Budget For Mobile App

The budget of mobile app should always be estimated keeping in mind the points discussed above . You you ignore considering the above points then you might be only considering the small portion of your project . By correctly estimating the budgeted proposal it will save your efforts , time and money . In order to get a free estimate of your mobile app , you can also contact us right away .

Winklix is leading custom software development company providing Native as well as Hybrid Android and iOS app development .

Giving user an in app experience that they will love to us plays a critical part in user experience . Who does not want their app to be successful in long run , but for that you must focus on user retention and aids them in achieving life time value .

In order to give an amazing experience for your app to user , you need to focus on almost all areas , ie right from design , to customer specific choice , and adding great deal within the app . This post is all about how you can attract more user retention while user are actually using the app . Lets discuss some of the points in details :

Build a Way Of Least Resistance For User

User will no way resist in your app for longer in case they don’t find it convenient in respect of usability. So choice is yours whether you want to offer a complex app or an easy one with learning screening to .

Benefits Oriented App

Communicating the value of the app together with guiding user what actually your app is all about , what features your app is offering to user always proven to be useful .

Functional Oriental Onboarding 

When you are actually not demonstrating the benefits and highlighting the functionalities of app – about how and when it can be used and more . If the app has complex workflow , multiple sections and hidden unique functionalities then this method is most widely preferable .

Regardless of what has been stated above , the ultimate aim of any app is to make the user experience as easy as possible .

Minimise Sign Up Fields

Offering long forms and that to in mobile application is really a bad idea . User will no way want to fill if they find it lengthy . The best solution now a days a to facilitate user with a single sign in button with the help fo social media account .

Well some app might require some more information , but it should be addressed carefully . On the other hand if your fields are actually long , then you can offer the input on different screens rather than a single screen .

Follow “One Screen One Concept” Rule

Describing information on the single screen helps you to avoid any overloading of the app . This practise can be best seen in the AirBnB app the image of which has been attached below .

Give Feedback Quickly

Feedback plays a really important role for the user onboard . Always try to give a clear view of the error message falling which they are not able to complete the task . It can be used through animation , effects and more . The one point solution is stating the error clearly in the app for making it easier for user to understand

Use Animation Purposefully

Animations can be used at multiple stages , for instance for an eye catchy movement of the user while trying to draw attention for the progress happening in the app . Or you can also use the animation feature for the feedback as discussed above . But always to keep in mind , it should draw attention of user and must not irritate the user with overloaded animations

Test , Test & Test Again

Have you ever think of sending the app to client without testing . They will unexpectedly bark on you . Test is the most most most important part of app development process . We can categorise the testing process into three sections .

The very first being testing the mobile application is before actually releasing the actual app in the market for the user . You must offer the beta version of the mobile application to be used by your known colleagues to get the pros and cons of the app before the final release . It could take usually 7 days to overcome with all the challenges depending on the size of the application after which your app will be baked for the final role out .

Secondly you can after launching the app in the market  should analyse the app , reviews and feedback for 4 weeks . Is app functioning properly ? Is app not crashing anywhere ? Is app able to fulfil user goals ? These all are the points that need to be taken care of .

The last one being Long term testing of the app after 1 month on regular basis and improving it and adding some additional features as per the requirement of the user .


Onboarding experience need to be takes care of in case you want to increase the overall experience of user retention . Retention rates maintenance is one of the biggest challenge for mobile app development company . True mobile success ratio can only be measured when user are actually loving to use your app . Following the points above , you might be able to offer highly effective Onboarding process .

Winklix is full custom mobile app development company  . We use our agile strategy for developmental process that gives you full control and scope , reduces your risk of failure and provide you with innovative technique and development procedure to deliver you awesome app . Start a conversation today to kick start your project asap .