Benefits Of Custom Relationship Management Software

Every business are totally dependent on its customers . The first and primary goal of every organisation is to satisfy its customer by providing satisfactory services to its customer . And that’s why every organisation needs a custom relationship management system ( CRM) to manage customer efficiently .

CRM system are designed in such a way that it caters all aspects of business dealing with customers . Suppose you are an organisation who is getting certain amount of leads , obviously leads conversion takes time depending on the customer mind set . CRM will automate your ask by reminding you what  you have talked to customer together with when you can to take the follow up of the customer again and so on .  It helps in task being performed automatically .

Herein listed below some of the major benefits of implementing CRM system in the organisation :

CRM Centralised Function

When talking about the CRM , it contains centralised database , so that all staff can work simultaneously , and access the integrate tools along with it .  This not only lead to increased productivity in the business , but facilitates convenience , accuracy and reliability in entity .

CRM Improves Awareness Of Customer Needs

CRM keep historical records of the data in such a way that it can be easily access by the permitted staff member with just a click away . CRM helps to store multiple transaction records of customer including purchases , customer feedback and personal information .

Suppose a customer care executive of your organisation interact with the customer and came to know he had just celebrated his anniversary a day before yesterday . Then your customer care executive can  update the same in CRM and customer can get an automated message every time his anniversary triggers in system .

CRM Provides Real Time Data

It stores data on real time basis . The benefit is adapting quickly according to emerging market condition . You can track the growing trend . Suppose you are seeing growing sales trend , you can allot additional resources to exploit growing trends in order to get higher sales .

Similarly if the market shows shrinking sign , your business can invest more to get more sales .

CRM Reduces Cost

With the introduction of web based CRM solution , the CRM infrastructure cost has totally been minimised . CRM can be easily accessed by a web browser  . It also reduces the cost of the organisation as it saves the time lapse between purchase and sales . In short CRM saves money by automating the task of the organisation and trying every possible efforts to update customer regarding any updates .

CRM Improves Conversion Rates

This is obvious that when sales and marketing efforts is totally concentrated on customer satisfaction , enterprise will actually get to know which customer is actually interested in their product and services , and hence the conversion rate will tend to increase automatically .

CRM Automates Marketing

Since CRM contains centralised database system management , running automated marketing campaign is easy task . If you are thinking of shooting mail or sms to mass customer , you can easily do the same due to centralised database thus increasing repeated customer .

So in case after seeing the above benefits of CRM system , if you are looking for CRM software development company , you can contact Winklix to get online demo of our CRM together with custom CRM software development . is leading software development company , providing custom CRM /ERP development across all industries .

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How To Redesign A Successful Mobile App


User interface is moving ahead with change in emerging technology . Every mobile app designer is running towards delivering awesome UI with great ideas . Just like the changing year , app is also required to be changed as per the required as per the latest emerging trends .

Speaking of app redesigning , in case you are looking for complete makeover of the application and is seriously wondering how you can move ahead with that then this article will probably answer all your questions .

1) The Purpose

Redesigning a mobile app is really a tough and time taking task , as developer has to do changes with keeping in mind the prior data . The very first measure to be taken is to get an brief overview of thew audience and clients expectation to overcome with the problem which customer is facing earlier . The best way to design a smooth flow of the app is to study the data throughly and getting the flaws out of it that might me hampering the app , and help it to rectify the app this time .
The purpose of app redesigning should be pre cleared in designers mind in order to come out with the best design possible .

2) Effective Communication

At this stage you have a clear idea why app is getting redesign .
So it is better to take advice from the ultimate user of the app about changes and improvement which needs to be taken , what they are really not preferring in current user experience and other stuff . This communication is really important as user will the the ultimate user of mobile app .

3) Consider Reviews

Reviews plays an important role in app success .It help us to know the pros and cons of mobile application , so that we can go it throughly and can priories the changes accordingly. Do you find majority of people are annoyed with particular issue ? You can easily solve them on primary basis .

4) Execute Changes

Changes are meant to be done for long existence of any mobile app together with overcoming with the emerging technology in the market in such a way that you can get ahead of your competitors . This also creates a long lasting effect in the market . Changes not only creates a positive impact for the brand , but also increase brand awareness if user really finds it interesting .

5) Testing

After revamping the app , it is time to get feedbacks from the user in order to get the revamped app successfully tested . Taking feedback from the existing user which give you authentic answer .


User interface play a important role in app success .The process of redesigning might seems complex at first , but with the right mobile app development company , it can be achieved easily , thus giving your business goals a path of success .

How To Build Best App With Thoughtful Strategist

Clients come to Winklix to pour their ideas with a believe to get better development process . These are actually the people who have really spend hours doing the research and really delirious of converting the idea into awesome product . But unfortunately , this is not the case with Winklix . We can’t provide you quick approval for the same .

The Questions

With our years of experience in working with many startups , we welcome new ideas with cross questioning .

  1. What will be the benefit for user while using your app ?
  2. Which bunch of people you know who will download the app on the very first day .
  3. Do these people are really interested in hypothetical problem  addressing .
This cross question by Winklix is critical part for us in order to identify the strength and weakness of any idea , and thereon its success .
We believe in not interrupting you during your presentation , as it won’t feel good for you . But after carefully listening your idea ,  we ping back to you and tries to find the gap in pitch . We open the tap to fill the bucket to the fullest , so that we can spot opportunities that might have been missed , which helps us to build better products .

Long Term State Of Mind

Winklix strategist keen on exploring ideas which has yet not been explored for new ideas . We just don’t want to be an mobile app development agency who is there for you until you are paying us , rather we want to be a partner in product for long term vision . We try hard all the times with creative , unique outputs to build stronger and eye catchy product for the user .

We Want You To Build Better Products

While you are hiring Winklix as your mobile app development company in NYC , you are hiring a dedicated team who will always be there as problem solver for you . Because of our expertise knowledge in building awesome apps , we have the ability to create unique project by finding something innovative , doing something new by our years of experience . We always keen on searching and adapting new landscape .
Although we are not perfect enough in our knowledge , we rely on our clients expertise together with our experience to develop successful product . We have ultimately learned all things from our clients and we will always be thankful to our clients who are actually true co-founder in app development , thus setting the new heights for us .
So in case you are looking for app developer in New York ( NYC) , you can right away contact us at .

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Banking Sector

Just a simple question to start with ? Which did you last visited the bank physically ? Most of you do not remember the same . It is the fact that as the technology is getting mobilised , so is the banking sector . We can do almost everything from the convenience of mobile app and that’s so in a very secured environment . Due to technology advancement in banking sector , presently we are able to experience hassle free banking experience .

With the technology advancement over time , even the banking app has been converted into easy to use mobile applications , in comparison with the bulkier version earlier . Due to this a person who does not even have a penny of experience of using mobile app , can easily carry on banking transaction through mobile app . Along with this , there are many other benefits of mobile app that have changed the way of doing banking for us and some of them have been elaborated below :

1) No Waiting In Queues

If you are one of those person whose day’s first task is to visit the bank for doing any of the transaction , then you must be thankful now for banking apps that have changed your life . You can perform the same task by clicking on few icons in banking mobile app .

2) Convenience To Consumer

All banks works during business hours , usually between 9:30 am to 5 pm , and that is the time most of us go to our offices . This radically means when you are suppose to visit banks for performing any of the transactions , by taking leave from your office that will obviously cost you more . But with the launching of mobile app , this scenarios has been completely replaced . Now in person can do transaction anytime and from anywhere in the world .

3) Immediate Transfer

Usually in India , it takes 3 working days for any cheque to get credited in bank account with is obviously time taking process . But thanks to banking app , it can be transferred within few second and that to from anywhere .

How Is technology Seeing This Shift In Banking Sector ?

A well deployed banking app development must have an awesome UI/UX design for their banking customer . Also security is one of the greatest concern while taking about the mobile app , so that custom can get peace of mind by using banking apps on their mobiles . Latest introduction of technology like BHIM app , UPI has improved the banking sector by joining in all the bank together and thus making transaction between different bank just a click away .

Introduction of latest emerging technologies like Big Data , AI , Blockchain , IOT has open the whole new door for banking sectors .

Banking which were earlier thinking of opening thousand of branches for the convenience of their customer is now more focusing of development of their website and mobile app . The advancement of technology is already created a virtual banks , and in newer future new physical bank brand would be a rarity . is leading mobile app development company providing website and mobile app development solution across all industries .  We are also leading CRM and ERP software development company thus facilitating IT solution in simplified manner .

5 Star Sector For Augmented Reality


According to recent study , no industry will be left untouched by Augmented Reality ( AR ) by the end of 2018 . Number of industries how can already implemented Augmented Reality are still growing at fast pace . AR has been proven beneficial since 2016 for brands to enhance their marketing strategy .

New Possibilities For Tourism With Augmented Reality

When we are talking about AR in tourism sector , it can define the whole new way of how people see the places . It can be substitute of heavy paper guides by defining the whole new way of seeing the world . It will go beside being able to access the mobile application with geolocation , booking a hotel room or a event ticket , by offering the real time experience through the use of mobile devices .

AR Education

Education sector is another industry which can be benefitted highly with educational AR mobile app development  . It can create a mix reality between reality and students and helps them to define the whole new possibilities on the subject .

AR In Future Hospital  Industry

There is already endless possibilities in health sector which can go even beyond our imagination . Imagine you are accessing your result with 3D app – will it not change the method of diagnosis ? Even the application can ease on the surgery process by facilitating additional information about patient  . It can look away for heart beat , monitoring blood pressure and other things .

Reconstructing The Architecture

Suppose you are visiting a under construction side , and you are actually able to see the future projected building with your mobile device ? Isn’t amazing ? You can actually see what you are going to see after 1 or 2 year . The application are diverse , from presenting the complex business model in detail to customer to showing different finished of different model .

A New Tool For Advertising & Marketing

We all are aware about virtually trying clothes or see a spot on wall . The development of augmented reality application  is changing the way business are being done earlier by introducing the whole new world of opportunities  . The chances of promoting and selling products by this technology will surely increase your sales . The app like Ikea’s app , who is furniture manufactures has introduced AR technology in app so that customer can virtually demonstrate their furniture from the convenience of their home .
So in case you are looking for augmented reality mobile app developer for your industry , you can quickly contact us to step into the emerging market of augmented reality .  Winklix has experience of developing more than 1000 + application

Which Development Approach Works Best ?

As it is a matter of fact that there is always more than one way to develop software development project . After a quick search , you would be able to reveal lots of development technologies available in the market including but not limited to Rapid Application Development (RAD) , LEAN development , Spiral and much more .

The ultimate goal of each technology is to develop software in such a way that client gets satisfied with developing a greater product using best technology .

We take a different approach to as a  software development company , we place the things using existing development technology and aligns then according to the custom needs of the customer . Whether it is for developing a website , or as a mobile app development company – we put our best possible efforts to deliver the best product , in such a way that it increases their productivity , profitability and  general satisfaction level .

Our years of experience and continuous work with the customer has helps us to solve on the central issue on priories basis . Winklix believe in clear and detailed goals and requirement so that we can mark our calendars accordingly and work beyond our client expectation . We love to go on going cooperation with our clients , giving them timely update and getting quick feedback form their side at every milestone we have decided .

We can assure you – If you choose us as a software development company , you will surely be getting a partner who is dedicated to deliver you the rock awesome product in best possible manner . We always focuses on maintaining a long term business relationship with any of our client with latest software development mythologies .

Latest technology such as augmented reality app development service together with internet of things development has really changed the revolution beyond our expectation  . We have been working alongside with the technology to give our custom all IT solution in one place .

Winklix is leading software development company providing website designing and development , ERP and CRM development , mobile app development , IOT based app development , AR/VR App development and more .

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Custom ERP Development And Cost Of Development

What Is ERP Software ?

ERP is acronym used for enterprise resource planning . It helps any enterprise to manage its sales , inventory , Human Resource , CRM , finance , production and more that can be stored in the centralised database . The main benefit of using ERP in any company is to be able to link multiple process with the ease of the software and thereby allowing employees to work efficiently .

Benefits Of ERP System & Challenges It Can Solve

Any software help organisation to automate task from the old traditional method . Lets look at some of the benefits below :

Human Capital Management

A custom ERP system will help your HR department to automate a bunch of task such as attendance , payroll and evaluating employee’s performance . It is also possible to maintain all employees record under one system .

Inventory Management

Custom ERP development makes inventory management system more flexible by integrating it with one erp system for all your organisation rather than using a separate inventory management software .


It plays a important process in most business origination . For evaluation of any thing , reporting has to be done . It can be a time consuming process if it has not been automated by ERP software solutions .

ERP Software Development Process : Where To Start From ?

There are various ready-made business ERP solutions are available in the market like SAP . However they are designed for mass market and you have to customise according to your requirement . They may also have limited functionality and may not meet specific requirements as required by your organisation .
It is the same case , you have rented an apartment in which you can change the furniture or paint on walls just because your contract forbids the same . That is the reason custom ERP development is like building a house right from scratch where you can personalised the things as you want as well as add on things .

1.Get The Vision

There are 2 ways of implementing the ERP software solution in your organisation .The very first being to hire the ERP software development company , and the second one being use the software available for mass market like SAP .
For both of them you have to briefly describe the requirement for the vision of your product . Different organisation may have different kind of requirement but majority of them want to include the following business activities :
  • Sales
  • Financing
  • HR
  • Distribution & Delivery
  • Tight Integration With CMS

2 .Take Informed Decision

ERP software developers connect all enterprise data if various department into single database with hierarchical architecture , so that  they can provide accurate and timely data as required by different departments of the organisation .

3. Decide Where To Host It

There are two method wherein you can host your ERP . The first one being hosting your ERP solution in- house or you can host in on the cloud which can be access through a web browser easily . Mostly cloud hosting is what organisation prefer now a days due to its easily accessibility from anywhere and high level of security .

4.  ERP Implementation Cost

ERP development cost depends on your requirement. .In other words , the more features are required by you , the most will be the development cost for the same . In case you want to go on with mass market vendors they will charge you on monthly basis usually ranging between $ 35 – $ 400 per user per month .
But in case you are looking for some custom solution , the range varies between $ 50 per hour to $ 150 per hour depending on the type and region of the developer .In that way the cost can be somewhere around $ 25000 to $ 1,50,000 – all depending on your requirement . Its really hard to predict the cost until and unless you brief anyone about your requirement in details . You can quickly drop us an mail at to know the development cost for the same .

Why Companies Choose Custom ERP Development Solution

The cost of development may shock you at once , but after all it will optimise your business process ad it will worth investing on it . The best advantage being for custom development of ERP software solution is the software will be made according to your requirements and needs and not like your business have to fits into it . So it will also save your time and money in case of long perspective .
So if you have decided to polish your organisation with custom ERP  development solution , you can consult ERP development company  – Let’s Talk about your project .
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