Planning to develop an app? Then probably you are searching for mobile app development company ! The first and foremost thing to ponder is whether you want to use iOS or android platform to develop your app. Both are huge competitors of each other and share a 99.5% of the mobile app market. So what makes them such a big competitor of each other? Let’s try to figure out!

Android and iOS both have their pros and cons but the most important factor to consider is that which platform supports more app buys as generating revenue is the biggest goal. According to a study, iPhone app makes 75% more revenue than the android apps but the Google Play market is much more than the Apple’s App Store. Another think to contemplate is about the question- why do iPhone users spend more on apps than android users?

Device engagement and demographics


First of all, let’s talk about device engagement. Device engagement refers to the amount of time users gives to the device. According to a report, an iPhone user spends 26 more minutes than android users. The most imperative factor towards choosing android phone over an iPhone is the price factor. Android phone are available at a much lower cost with a huge number of variety. Due to this, android has a huge market offering different engagement levels. IPhone users also spend more time on the e-commerce as compared to the android users.

Various studies have shown that less the price of hardware, less the time is spend on phones and apps. There is a general belief that people who buy low cost android phones are not looking to get much out of their phone where high end android users and IPhone users tend to spend more on the apps and mobiles. It has also been observed that most of the android phone users are from the developing nations. This has not contributed app purchases as the demography in the developing countries does not use credit cards much.

Most of the IPhone users have a very good salary. It has been noticed that the IPhone users have more device engagement which means that they are looking to extract the most out of their apps. So they are more likely to spend on the app to experience more of their apps. IPhone users make the most out of their apps and phones.

Some Statistics


According to a report, 72% people use android while 27.5% use iOS. This makes up to 99.5% of the total market share. The share of men using the IPhone is slightly better than the females. The android phones are mostly used by the people of age between 25 to 60 years while most of the iPhone is used by the people of age 60+.

Brand loyalty is seen as app loyalty


IPhone users are more loyal to their brand as compared with the android users. The reason behind more use of IPhone is because of the brand loyalty. Around 92% of the IPhone users say that they are more likely to buy another Apple product which is 6% more than last year. However, only 77% of the android smartphone users say that they will return back to android. So brand loyalty plays a huge role in choosing IPhone and android phones. People trust the brand so they trust the brand app as well. So people are more likely to use the Apple’s app store due to loyalty.

Pricing of app: Which user spend more on apps?


High expensive cost of the apps is mainly responsible for the revenue of iOS apps. While some apps are available for free on android, they are paid on iOS. According to a report, the pricing of the android apps is even less than the half of the price of iOS apps.

Change is in the air


Chang can be felt in the marketplace. The number of paid apps in the iOS app store has reduced a bit and the number of paid apps in the Google play store has increased due to streamlined buying process. This has resulted in more revenue generated from android apps as compared to last year.

The gap keeps on narrowing


As we have already observed that previously the IPhone users tend to spend more than android but now the trend is changing, the gap keep on getting narrow. Both iOS and android are coming to equal plane. In the future, it will be interesting to see which app market goes ahead.

Major Differences between iOS apps and android apps

  • IOS users have more salary income
  • Google play store has more free apps
  • The price of Apple app store is much more than the android app store
  • IPhone users are more loyal to the brand
  • IPhone users spend more time on the apps
  • Apple apps make more money
  • IPhone users download more apps
  • IPhone apps take more time to develop
  • The frequency of maintenance check of android phone is much more due of so many different devices
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What are progressive apps?

Progressive apps are the web based mobile apps that provides the experience similar to an app. These apps use latest technologies and do not need to install just like normal apps. These apps are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Twitter launched its web app Twitter Lite which resulted in the increase of sales and reducing the data consumption. Google proposed the concept of progressive web app and launched the first app way back in 2015. Since then, its popularity is increasing day by day. But why these apps are becoming so popular. Let us look at some of the major factors causing this upsurge

Key Features of progressive apps

  • Progressive: One of the best feature of the progressive app is that they are progressive i.e. they can run on all browsers. The progressive apps are browser independent because these are built with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.
  • Provides Connectivity: These work efficiently in the offline mode or when the network is quite low. This makes it very robust.
  • App-Like: Progressive web app provides an interface just like the apps. It offers app-style navigation and interactions
  • Secure:  Progressive apps are highly secure and ensure that all your data is secured through HTTPS to prevent snooping. It makes sure that the content is not tempered with
  • Scalable: These apps are highly scalable i.e. the resources can be allocated according to the requirement.
  • Installable: Progressive web apps allow users to keep the app which they found important without the trouble of app store.

What is making the progressive apps so popular?

The progressive apps are making a mark in today’s world. These apps can be installed on any platform and it is quite convenient to deploy these apps. The code is almost the same regardless of the software you use. One of the reasons why the PWAs are becoming so popular is because it requires less maintenance as compared to mobile apps. These progressive apps require less time to develop and to update. This saves us lot of valuable time. This makes it a valuable platform for the developers to build apps.

Initially, native mobile apps contain notification functions which were not available in other app. With the progressive apps, push notifications are available for the users which have retained the customers and helped in establishing the bond with the company. Progressive web apps contain new APIs which has optimized the user experience.

The best thing progressive web apps have offered is that they are available to the user even if the network is offline or has limited network connectivity. This has attracted the developers and created customers satisfaction. This has improved user base and helps the app to grow in popularity. The progressive app are very easy to run, they do not require any installation as they are just websites. So there is no need for long downloads. Most of the users uninstall the mobile app after the first use. But as progressive apps do not require installation, user retention is maintained.

What future holds for progressive web apps?

There is a huge potential in progressive web apps as far as their future is concerned. These apps use the latest technologies, APIs and design patterns that increase its values. These apps make it very convenient to use as these apps are available offline as well. It has service workers which provide background functionality. It makes the connectivity seamless. It makes a good point that the websites can provides mobile experience. PWAs have changed the user experience. These progressive apps are certainly the future of web apps.

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How To Develop A Secure Mobile App

We all have smartphones , right ? At least the people who is reading this blog have their smartphones.         We necessarily stores all our personal information in our  phones right from clicking our personal photos to any passwords and credit card information – our phones has it all . Now suppose you download an app , and it hacks all your information . This is what is being based by California users in USA as measured by cyber security company .

As per the study , where we are downloading the app 40 % of us don’t even look at what app is all about , 47 % respondents don’t look at privacy policy and permissions while downloading the app , and this attitude of ours are inviting cyber criminals to hack personal information .

So if you are the app owner and don’t want the customer to face any such issue , given below are some workable solutions :

You should start securing your app right from day 1 of your mobile app development , and obviously not during coding and testing .in order to minimise the security risk during later on stages .

Pre Designing Stage

Even before your start your app designing stage , you must have a clear understanding in your mind about design compliance and security compliance which you need to be followed during your app development process . The developers must be aware about the regularity requirement  of the application , its privacy policy , confidential policy and so on .

App Designing Stage

Catching up the issue at this stage is a difficult task. The best way is to design a eye catchy app , and mark up the list of all the issue which are potential well in advance and at later stage , usually after design completion hand over the app to security expert .

App Development Stage

This is the stage with should be handled with utmost care to deliver an error free code . The developers should manually keep an eye on the bugs and vulnerabilities within the source code , rather than just relying on the automated tools which are available in the market with are incapable of searching for major security issues .

App Testing And Deployment

Prior to testing of the mobile application a tester should deeply analyse security test cases . In addition , the development team should work alongside with security team in order to minimise possible security threats .


Maintenance is all about deeply analysing user feedback and reviews to overcome with the problem . If you are really in need of mobile application development company who can take care of all the above facts , feel free to reach us .
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A mobile development company is always focussed on successful launch of app. But it may happen that your app does not get the response that you expected. The reasons behind the unexpected response are as follows:

Impractical Expectation

For the successful launch of an app, only a good idea is not enough. To make a product successful it requires the perfect blend of a brilliant idea, a perfect strategy, good execution of the plan and a bit of luck.

While choosing an app development company, it may happen that you have unrealistic approach which the mobile app development company may not understand. Either the deadline is too unrealistic or you don’t have sufficient funds to fulfil your expectations. It may also happen that the app designers are not good enough to fulfil your expectation.  

To create a good design, a decent amount of time, great designing skills are needed. A brilliant design provides a great user experience to the user. Make sure that the designer understands your high expectations so that they can execute the plan according to you high expectations.


App gets out-dated

With time, website designs, apps layout, user requirements changes. With the change in trends, it is essential to keep app and website up-to-date otherwise your product will lag behind. So it is very essential to keep an eye on the current market trends to be successful.

A good product needs continuous evaluation. Analyse the reviews and suggestions by the users. Test your product and if necessary make the changes to your product iteratively. This will ensure that you app does not get out-dated and it continue to improve. Don’t take any shortcuts as shortcuts are way to failure.


Choose the professionals for building you product!!

It may happen that you are a small business company and have a limited amount of budget due to which you decide to build the website by yourself using the services of readymade templates from websites like shopify and squarespace. But by using these websites, most of the times your website will not get success. 

So it is better to consult the experts for building the websites and even for apps. These companies provide you a cutting edge technology to build your website or app and will give you an upper hand over others. Winklix is an experienced and reputed company which has a mastery over developing websites and apps. We have a very dedicated team that is focused on building apps on both platforms whether it is android or iOS.

Building site yourself does not provide quality which app development companies provide.

The UX Review

UX Review means review of the existing product to improve its user interface. This helps to enhance user experience and to meet the needs of the user. There are several way through which UX Review can help your product. Some of them are as follows:

User consideration 

Preference must be given to the user’s needs and requirements. A designer must do research on the designs and layouts of the product. The reviews, ratings and feedback must be considered to improve the product. The product must be improved keeping in mind the business goals.

User Flows

While the development of product, the process must be broken down in number of steps. These steps are together knows a user flow diagram. Each step must be completed and if there is potential for any improvement, it must be done instantly.

Gives actionable approvals

Make sure that the previous points are highlighted so that you can get a good UX review. Make sure that the important information is highlighted in such a way that it draws attention of the users.

Having an expert review of your website helps you improve and enhance the website. A UX review gives a greater understanding of your app.


We are all conscious of the fact that both Android and iOS development platforms are the brutal competitors of one another. In the last couple of months, both hosted big events where they revealed a series of highly cutting-edge gadgets and updated Operating Systems. Although the competition is exceedingly tough in every aspect and sphere but when it comes to security factor, iOS scores the goal to knock it out of the challenge.

According to a recent study, it was found that Android platforms are more vulnerable to malware and viruses. Both Apple and Google are trying their best to offer secured operating system but why that Apple has outclassed Android and why does experts trust iOS platforms more than Android. Let’s find out the reasons:

Android is open Source

One of the major reasons mentioned by the technology professionals in connection to the important question is that Android as an Operating System is an open source. Because of this feature that anybody can get an access to the Android platform, it poses a security threat. However, having any such infiltration in iOS is nearly very challenging if not impossible.

The professionals also view that the risk becomes more evident if a user is trying to modify his phone settings and he does not get satisfactory results. It becomes very easy for the hackers to track your mobile phone and get into the details.

The security problem will still be a matter of distress even if the changes or modifications are conducted by a developer. The Android is open source; it allows hackers to distribute malicious malware.

Apple is very stern in imposing the terms and conditions in downloading and taking control over the software. This means that you cannot launch every app on the Apple app store just like in Google Play Store.

One can mention the instance of Apple versus FBI case where Apple did not fulfil the requests of examining agency to unlock an iPhone 5C. This shows how stern it is when it comes to security.

Enterprise Apps: iOS is the winner

The business mobile apps has become as a big advantage for the enterprise and business communities as it has decreased the pressure of work to a much scope. It has made the employees to work proficiently even outside the buildings of office through the innovation of BYOD technique. But it has also raised severe questions on security as everyone is sharing the same data using their device.

Both competitors gave a hard fight for the top spot and taking every possible step to enhance and improve the security of the apps. In both of the cases, developers have the chance to build a secured space which is free from user profile data and helps user to install business apps. There are various tools such as VPN tunnels, and data encryption which also helps in securing the network data.

App Testing – iOS is better

Mobile App Testing is an important process before the app is finally launched on the app store and goes live for the users. As far as testing of the apps is concerned, Apple does not leave a single margin for error on its end and is very stern on this parameter. All apps have to go through a tough test before being allowed to download from app store.


Both Android Operating Systems and iOS platforms have their advantages and disadvantage; but iOS remains unbeatable when it comes to security parameters. This is mostly because of the fact that Apple has always maintained the strictest of policies on downloading and development of apps, user interface and experience, app testing etc .

Questions To Be Asked Before Building A Mobile Application

Dreaming of over millions of download and that too overnight is obviously can’t a one night job for anyone . The stories of the overnight success often skew the reality of dedicated hard work that is necessarily required to build an awesome mobile application .

After hearing thousands of app ideas , since I am a founder of Winklix , I wanted to share the questions which are to be answered by clients before downing the hands to keyboards .

What Problem Am I Trying To Solve ?

Most app ideas now a days are acting as a problem solver of our daily lives . But this might not be the same with the with just the magical software application . You should be specific about what problem are really been for customer out their , and what methods you can apply to solve it with the most easiest method . But their are chances that an app might be solving your problem , but others are not feeling the same way . So solving the problem with the application is the very first way to build a great application .

Does My App Idea Already Exist

At Winklix , we always encourage customers and business persons to search for tons of existing app that are similar to their thoughts . If you are planning to open an e-commerce app , it’s crucial to know what other platforms exist in this area .
Competition always exist in each field , it is upto you that how well you are going to challenge it and be ahead in the competition . Understanding the level of competition in development if mobile application will save lots of time and money . Someone may already have thought of your idea , but you can learn from their mistakes and improve your app accordingly . Its the fact that Google is not the first search engine in the market , but now it’s GOOGLE  .

Should I Start With Android , iOS Or Both ?

The best practise being to reach more and more number of customer by focusing on both the platforms .Currently Android and iOS accounts for more than 96% of the share of the market of smartphones globally . So it’s really being important to know what are your target market and who is going to be your customers .
Another important factor is budget .Android and iOS apps are being the two completely different app and budget for them are also separate . So if you are focusing on both the platforms then your budget will get double . There are cross platforms being available in the market , which will run across all the platforms , which is popularly know as ” Hybrid App ” , but we specifically focus on the ” Native App ” , as they are build on the platform and using the languages meant specifically for the devices to run that particular application .
So according to Winklix , if you are entrepreneur looking for minimal investment and maximising output , then you should focus on iOS , but in case your business want to launch product for enterprise solution then moving on for both the platforms will be preferable .

What Is My Timeline ?

Does your app idea just come to your dream last night , or you have been planning from some days with the bunch of your friends ? Planning , studying the market and getting feedback for the thought is an important part before launching your app .  It really does not matter at what stage you are , or how important is your app really being to launch , but a basic medium category app development will take anywhere between 8-12 weeks turnaround time . Developing an app requires hundreds of hours and dedication of development team to give you the spiciest product as required by you , and meet your expectation .
We often get the app ideas from the clients who have not yet defined the basic feature and functionality of it . We might get you out will the awesome user experience of the app , but it’s really being important to know at what stage you are in right now . We have also faced a situation that they need a app within 24 hours , at that point , telling them the truth will maintain your relationship rather than taking the project just to grab the money from them , and then later on not delivering the project as required .

What Is My Budget ?

Mobile apps are no doubts are expensive products . Because it required tons of hours and hard work to build the same , a medium category app would be costing you somewhere around $ 30000 .
While building an app , it all comes down to features , complexities and objective of your mobile application . The best example can be in case you are going to bring a car , Honda City is a good car , but right after that you have seen a Porsche  , their prices are dramatically different and so is their features . One is having horse power of more than 430 while the other one is has basic engine .
Hiring an experienced team like Winklix , will add on to your app to the best possible way .While you might run towards finding a free lancer , its always proven that a development team will always provide you with the best possible solution than the individual working on the same .
It does not matter whatever may be the project is , a proper planning , dedicated team manager and planning execution are fundamental to its success . So think twice before choosing the right app development company . Our first and foremost aim is to give you quality products to let you be on the path of success and build incredible mobile solution together .

Mobile App Development In Retail Industries

The announcement of demonetization by the Indian government in late november , 2016 gave country’s people a big big shock except for companies who are mobile wallet providers. Their business got a huge boom , mobile wallets becomes necessity for common men during that time. As the demand of mobile wallet has gone up , so is the demand of app developer in Delhi and all over India has also gone up to large extent.

“Where by the use of mobile devices any person can easily send or receive money no matters whether they are businessmen or individuals , are known to be mobile wallet payment services .They are form of e-commerce model that can be easily used by mobile devices and are very easy to access. We can also call mobile wallets as mobile money or mobile money transfer.”

There was been a revolutionized change in the economy of India .Starting from a very small street shop owners to branded showrooms , everyone started accepting payment through mobile wallets. This revolution has helped people to avoid the long queues outside ATM’s and banks. If some business owners are not familiar with mobile payment options , feels lost somewhere in the destiny.

The fear of loosing sales during demonetization have forced every shop owners to opt for mobile payment options , and that is the reason mobile payment options has come as blessings for their business after demonetization.


What is UPI ?            

Unified Payment Interface(UPI) is payment system allowing you to transfer money just like NEFT/IMPS between the two parties with just a click away.

It has made easy for the people to pay directly from their respective bank accounts to the seller without remembering the card number or net banking passwords.

What will face hurdle in near future

The biggest disadvantage of wallet system is the sender and receiver of the money must have account with the same mobile wallet companies , and thus forcing them to use only various wallets for different type of people. Another drawback is wallet does not earn any interest.

Also the biggest hindrance that all specially the small vendors are facing is they cannot withdrew more than Rs 25000 in a month to their bank account , thus affecting cash flow of merchants to large extent. Another disadvantage is mobile wallets can be used by only Smartphone users.

UPI fills the void

As mobile wallets have many disadvantages , the next best substitute available is debit and credit cards. Acceptance of debit/credit card largely depends on merchant acceptability.

UPI had been introduced by RBI in 2016 is the best alternative available till now for bank to bank transfer. In today world wallet is famous, but in tomorrows world direct payment system may get ahead of mobile wallet.

Winklix has the take effect & proven capabilities servicing Fortune 500 clients to construct a functionally sealed payment system behind the features of your unconventional & easability for both sender and receiver.