Hybrid VS Native Mobile App

Mobile app development is must for any business for better customer experience .User experience succeed everything else when it comes to mobile.It is know fact that hybrid app will don’t perform as well as native app is going to perform.So be choosey while choosing the platform you want to choose while developing an mobile application.Hybrid app , inspite of having lots of advantages , lacks customer experience on mobile.Thus while choosing the platform , do enquire with best mobile app development company , to get the best advice.

Native VS Hybird App : A quick overview

A native application is simply mobile application designed simply for specific OS.Since native app is build according to specific platform , whether it is android or iOS , it is not only an advantage , but app will also run faster and will give high user performance .The end user is likely to have a more cheesy experience and faster performance as that apps are easy to navigate and use. Finally native applications have significant advantage of navigating in in device function like using GPS , address books and other things.Simply when user are sending text message , sharing picture using device inbuilt apps , user is using native applications.

On the other hand hybrid app are the basic framework application that are converted by companies website .Hybrid app is none other than using HTML5 and Javascript , wrapped in container and using most of the information from the website.

Time to market or do it right ?

Now it basically depends on companies . If they want their app to launch ASAP , mean they definitely need it in short time , and at the same time , ASAP also means they unfortunately have to compromise somewhere as well as making decision on the fly.

If a company can wait for five months or more for launching their app , then building an native application is better option , but in case they need is as soon as possible , they hybrid  application is the only alternative they are having.

But at the same time , company must understand that their users always expect a greater experience  , obviously they will not care at all what approach your mobile app development team has chosen , all they want is better experience.

Simply launching your app , might get you to another step on android or iOS market , but the success of your app lies in hands of

User Experience 

The only key to success in great user experience.Once user learns how to use the device , they even don’t keen on using some other different feature , they are being happy with the way they are using their mobile devices.Thus user will want your app to  , to be like the apps they are using right now , in case they didn’t find so , they will simply delete the app.The first impression is the last impression , that is the case which exist in mobile application development field also.Once user don’t find the app friendly they will uninstall it and will never be willing to download it once again.

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Mobile Application Development – Crucial for Business Growth

Today cell phone is turning out to be most vital gadget of everybody’s life, clients of cell phone expanding each day. The client development has expanded as the arrival of iPhone and Android Smartphone. This gives an incredible likelihood to online business visionaries and different organizations to accomplish their emphasis on gatherings of people. Mobile application is today fundamental for entrepreneur. Through portable applications entrepreneurs and people can procure more cash by advancing their items. Entrepreneurs likewise require applications to elevate themselves to most extreme purchasers universally. Because of these reasons mobile application advancement is important to take business up-to next level.

Said beneath a few reasons why portable application advancement is vital:

Accomplish most extreme conceivable clients: As cell phones are exceptionally commonplace today accordingly mobile application development can accomplishes increasingly clients. This will give limitless attention to your business.

Accessible at whatever time anyplace: Your mobile application permits you to be accessible at whatever time and anyplace. Your customers or client can contact with you inside a minute unfailingly. Quick correspondence is make portable application not quite the same as web application, since quick correspondence between entrepreneur and client is unrealistic in web applications.

Broaden your business: The mobile application development can thrives your business and reach to client in everywhere throughout the world .Location is does not make a difference; your application is demonstrate you any anyplace on the planet.

Begin gaining by make remarkable application: It is awesome way that create superb application then procure by that application. There are people and business visionaries emerge with one of a kind thought and change over into mobile application which causes in genuine to finish business undertaking. After build up this kind of utilization they procure cash at each time that application is downloaded.

Acquire from promoting on free applications: Free mobile application development is another extraordinary approach to procure brilliant cash. Make free application and gain by promotion on that application. On the off chance that your application is truly appealing and client will get best office from your application, then you can charge for commercial on your application and begin to gain cash. On the off chance that you have more clients of that application then it is conceivable that you will begin profiting.

You can make mobile application on any Mobile OS stage, on the grounds that iphone applications development or Android applications advancement both are advantageous for your business development.

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How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Banking Sector

Just a simple question to start with ? Which did you last visited the bank physically ? Most of you do not remember the same . It is the fact that as the technology is getting mobilised , so is the banking sector . We can do almost everything from the convenience of mobile app and that’s so in a very secured environment . Due to technology advancement in banking sector , presently we are able to experience hassle free banking experience .

With the technology advancement over time , even the banking app has been converted into easy to use mobile applications , in comparison with the bulkier version earlier . Due to this a person who does not even have a penny of experience of using mobile app , can easily carry on banking transaction through mobile app . Along with this , there are many other benefits of mobile app that have changed the way of doing banking for us and some of them have been elaborated below :

1) No Waiting In Queues

If you are one of those person whose day’s first task is to visit the bank for doing any of the transaction , then you must be thankful now for banking apps that have changed your life . You can perform the same task by clicking on few icons in banking mobile app .

2) Convenience To Consumer

All banks works during business hours , usually between 9:30 am to 5 pm , and that is the time most of us go to our offices . This radically means when you are suppose to visit banks for performing any of the transactions , by taking leave from your office that will obviously cost you more . But with the launching of mobile app , this scenarios has been completely replaced . Now in person can do transaction anytime and from anywhere in the world .

3) Immediate Transfer

Usually in India , it takes 3 working days for any cheque to get credited in bank account with is obviously time taking process . But thanks to banking app , it can be transferred within few second and that to from anywhere .

How Is technology Seeing This Shift In Banking Sector ?

A well deployed banking app development must have an awesome UI/UX design for their banking customer . Also security is one of the greatest concern while taking about the mobile app , so that custom can get peace of mind by using banking apps on their mobiles . Latest introduction of technology like BHIM app , UPI has improved the banking sector by joining in all the bank together and thus making transaction between different bank just a click away .

Introduction of latest emerging technologies like Big Data , AI , Blockchain , IOT has open the whole new door for banking sectors .

Banking which were earlier thinking of opening thousand of branches for the convenience of their customer is now more focusing of development of their website and mobile app . The advancement of technology is already created a virtual banks , and in newer future new physical bank brand would be a rarity .

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Secrets To UI/UX Design When Building An App

When we are talking about building an app , entrepreneur always keeps an eye on the huge market app and play store is having to extract huge amount of business from it . In today’s world , wherein more than 2 millions apps are available in play store , and another 2 million app available in apple app store , there is no point to not to chase your app development project on the top of the best selling charts . When we are talking about the app , we must be focusing on customer centric approach . App must be designed by always keeping user in mind in order to give them enjoyable experience .

But this article is all about the UI / UX design so lets start with the secrets to UI / UX design that you should always keep back in your mind when building an app .

Adaptive UI & UX

For every user who are not technical might not be aware about responsive design . But what if we go beyond the technical approach and rather focuses on end user centric approach . Start typing petrol pump on google search and you will be noticing different result on the basis of your location , thereby showing petrol pumps nearby . In order words we can say app changes user interface and give user experience in order to enhance search result and thereby reducing the click to expose relevant content.

Push Notification Importance

According to recent studies it has been seen that push notification in app engages more user to return to app . I know it is fact that for some user it is very annoying , but when it comes to Facebook , Whatsapp , or News related app , people don’t even want to miss a single notification from that app.

The key is added value . So if you value your information on push notification , I bet you can manage to attract more user in your application , and will imply more increase in engagement of user .

Search Is King

Search is all about allowing the user to navigate in convenient way in app , and can easily find what they are searching for . Thus the best way to do that is giving user all the necessary tools that might be needed by the user including search filter , short things on the basis of criteria and so on .

First Impression Is Last Impression

User usually have the tendency to judge the app in the very first time they use the application . So always focus on first impression as it is the most critical one . Ensure will the app developers together with your own strategy that it gives an awesome experience to user in the very first run . User interactive guide to explain each and every thing about the app working will do a lot in successful of app .

Support Is Essential Part Of UX

Nothing is worse than the app crashes . But if a app crashes in such a way that user feel they have encountered glitch in matrix will help you overcome with a problem . Bugs are inevitable , then why not to make them a part of user experience ? Providing user with a possible reason for app failure together with a link to support page will help you gin trust


There is no point of getting scarred with user experience and interface design. All you need is innovative mind together with bit of common sense , and strict lines on the rules stated above .Feel free to contact Winklix here , who can help you turn your idea into amazing application .

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Tinder

Tinder is a social platform , in which user can sign up using their Facebook profile and can search for opposite gender individual on the basis of their location . If the user like the request made by the user , the other person will be notified and they can start chatting with each other which is incorporated in the application itself . The Tinder app is available on both Android and iOS platform for the convenience of the user .

How Does Tinder Shows Attractive Match ?

How Matches Are Made ?

This is a billion dollar question . Have you used tinder for at least once in a while ? Then the question might have come in your mind how the matches are being made in Tinder . As a Tinder user , if you send request to someone some of them get’s liked and some might not.  As per our personal analysis below are the few points based on the Tinder algorithm of showing matches to the user :


It is defined according to the number of matches and likes that particular profile is getting . The more the like of that profile , more user will be filtered similar to the attractiveness of the user  .

Spam Quotient

Tinder usually keep the track record of the user logging in to their app by their account . They saves the tracking id of the phone of that particular id , and if the user keeps on changing the tracking id then the tinder software will get to know about whether the user is a bot or a real user .

Activeness Score

If the user is newly sign up user , new suggestion of profile will be shown to user and his profile will be shown to user just to get the attraction of user so that user can get attracted to the Tinder .

Factors Based Upon Facebook Profile

Tinder also shows suggestion on the basis of your Facebook profile friends and interests as fetched from Facebook login .

Approximate Time For Development Of Tinder Like Application

Well this can’t be predefined in most of the cases . Usually we suggest our client to go on with any develop on per hour basis , rather than going on with fixed charges in which they may skip some functionality just to complete the project on time . Well the time for development totally depends on your requirement , the features required and so on . Find below the time frame according to some major functionalities as required in the application like Tinder :

  • The UI design together with animation and UX  will take  180 hours .
  • XMPP / Pusher / Pubnub Chat will take 100 hours .
  • Facebook login together with fetching friends and interest from Facebook will take 20 hours .
  • Like / Dislike and undo like/dislike feature together with imitating chat will take 40 hours .
  • Location fetching on real time basis together with suggesting profile on the basis of pinned geo location and displaying profiles thereon will take 250 hours .
  • CMS and backend development will take 180 hours .
  • In app purchases will take another 30 hours .
  • Creating and associating web services with app will take 270 hours.

Above functionalities are basis mandatory functionalities required for developing an app like Tinder . Actual time may depends on the functionalities as required by individual user .

Approximate Price For App Development

Different app development company may charge different price for developing an app on the basis of expertise knowledge and team they are having . We would suggest you to go with a company how has expertise knowledge on the same , rather than a company who will apply trial and error method on your app , thereby giving you a app which will take more time to load , and will probably have bugs in it .

Total price for developing an app like Tinder for android platform will comes out to be $ 35600 and iOS will cost somewhere around $ 35000.

The backend CMS part will cost $ 7200 . Hence the total cost of development of android and iOS app together with backend comes out to be $ 77000 , which may vary according to your requirement with the minimum turnaround time to develop an app with be 4-5 months .( Note : Price has been calculated according to $ 40 per hour )

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Paytm

About Paytm

Paytm is India’s largest online recharge company headquartered in Delhi , India wherein the company is owned by One97 communication .
Paytm.com at first started with mobile recharge only , which was later on extended to online shopping , Paytm marketplace , wallet and much more . Bus ticket booking , and payment of electricity bills and at the same time gaining cash back in wallet has helped paytm to step up the stairs of success . Since India is getting digitalise , the market demand of online recharge app , and app development companies are getting increased .

Cost of developing Paytm like mobile app :

Well is it really a difficult question !! The cost of developing any recharge mobile application depends on the features ,  the platforms on which you are planning to launch your app and so on . Some of the major factors which determine the cost of app is given below :

App Platform :

The cost varies from platform to platform .  The android app cost is always on higher part in comparison with iOS app , as android app required more written code along with testing on number of devices . In case you are looking of hybrid solution rather than native one , it might not be as successful as the native one . For more information on Hybrid Vs Native app , you can refer our article here .
App Design:
App design is crucial part , and the reason to succeed behind every app success . The app design should be made in such a may that is ensures smooth interaction with the user . Engaging and eye catchy design will always bring you repeated customer . Designing an app requires using advance technologies , material design and much more , which goes beyond the role of application developer , and obviously will burden your pocket but will worth it . The designing of the app will be requiring between 80 hours to 170 hours on an average basis .
Lets take on an average around 140 hours to design the complete app , in which :
  • Wireframe required 30 hours
  • User interface will take 50 hours
  • user experience will take around 60 hours .
App Functionalities :
When we are talking an app like paytm , it may not necessarily means app completely like paytm . You may want some additional features , and not the complete feature as present on Paytm . Frankly speaking , Paytm is not an app made within few months . The development of the Paytm app requires dozens of developers along with years to build the complete app with all functionalities . According to my opinion , if you are planning to have your own recharge application , start with the few features as required and later on after your app started gaining popularity , you can add on features and functionality in it.  App development and launching is not one time job , rather it is continuous process in order to retain customer and cope up with the competitive world . The app size can be reduced to giving preferences on only core values in version 1 of the app .
Depending on the feature , if you consider the basic functionality like mobile and other recharge together with basic commerce functionality will take somewhere around 390 hours to complete which includes backend development of admin cost and implementation the things with UI .

Third Party API’s Integration :

When it comes to development of the app like paytm , specially the recharge one – it all depends on third party api’s implementation. Where it is matter of online mobile recharge , or nth recharge or you want to book a movie or bus ticket , you have to be completely dependent on third parties API’s so that customer and service providing companies can directly gets connects while using your app platform . Third party api’s implementation  requires man-hours ranging between 200 hours – 400 hours depending on the api’s required by you . Also in third parties api’s , implementation hours also depends on how well the third party support to mobile app development company in implementing their api’s .
So the api’s implementation part will take on an average of 300 hours to implement the api’s .

Mobile Wallets :

Wallet act as a lifeline for any recharge app . Recharge app is nothing without a wallet .Mobile wallet app development and its integration requires additional hours depending on the requirement . When talking about paytm mobile wallet , it allows you to add money in wallet , send money to your friend , pay money to vendor , transferring the money to your bank account and much more .
The complete wallet functionality as present on paytm wallet will be costing 270 hours of man hours.
There are numerous other features and functionality that can impact the app cost estimate like push notification , news feed , geolocation  , sms gateway integration and so on .
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How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Uber Or OLA

Those of you who live in large populated cities where parking a car is mess and city is full of never ending traffic , will always love to use taxi services . Thanks to companies like OLA and

Uber , who has started taxi booking through the convenience of mobile application wherein we need not to worry about traffic and parking space , we just have to sit back and relax and enjoy the experience of personal car without bearing the expenses of personal car ,

Therefore many business owners are running towards building a cab booking app . The app stores are flooded with the car booking apps in last few years . But you are of course reading this article in order to find out the actual cost of building a cab booking mobile application , and therefore we have to firstly understand the approaches to business process and most importantly functionality of the mobile application . Obviously the cost will all depend on the level of functionality you want to implement in your mobile application on first phase . So lets discuss some major points first !

How does the app work ?

The app can be elaborated in simple steps as :

  • User request for the car on the basis of availability and type of car required by the user . The details are automatically sent to nearest driver .
  • Driver has the option to either accept the ride or decline it .If he declines it , request will be passed to other driver .
  • Custom can track the car on real time basis and can get to know about estimated time of arrival.
  • Custom can pay either in cash or thorough cashless system as per his convenience . Another good feature is custom can estimate the total journey price well in advance .
  • Lastly after ride completion , driver is rated by customer on the basis of numerous factor .

When we are talking about the app like Uber or OLA , always keep in mind that these companies uses two different kind of apps and that is Customer app and Driver app .

Driver App Allows :

  • Editing personal profile
  • Going off duty and on duty by app . Only on duty driver will be displayed on maps .
  • Activity alert . The alert to driver if he is chosen with estimated fare .
  • Calling to passenger directly though app .
  • Generating daily/monthly reports of past booking and earnings .

Customer App Allows:

  • Manage personal information
  • Book a cab
  • Call the driver
  • Getting an estimate of ride fair
  • Track the approaching taxi
  • Automatic payment execution
  • Rating the driver

How much does it cost to build an app like Uber or OLA ?

Well is totally depends on the level of functionality as required by you and the complexity of those functionality .

Location & Coverage ( Maps , GPS , Routing )

GPS location is generally use to fetch location on real time basis , user can easily browse from the list of available car at the location nearby to him , and can locate the car with map integration . Routing server is  required for getting various distance and routes information .

The easy to book looking app for the user have more than unimaginable functionality behind the scenes .

The cost of building :

The developer usually needs 200 hours to integrate the location and routing feature .


Payment can be collected by the driver either in cash or through online wallet . User can in advance pre fill their wallet , and in order to encourage user to get their wallet refilled , companies offer certain kind of cash back and promotional discounted price . In addition to it , user can estimate the fare even before he actually start his journey . To estimate the ride fare , different company may have different criteria , but following in general it will be usually calculated on the basis of Base fare , together with cost per kilometre , cost per minute .

The cost of building :

Payment gateway integration is tedious job . Usually most payment gateways gets integrated within 50 hours and getting fare estimate required 40 hours totalling to 90 hours .

Registration & Profiles

Most mobile apps required pre sign up even before they start using the mobile app . Signing up may be either from phone number , social media or email as per the requirement , and shooting the sign up email or notification on sms will also be the part of it . Lastly review and rating will also be done by customer and driver .

The cost of building :

To implement registration and profiles , developers usually need 30 hours .

Communication & Notification

To ensure privacy of the user and in order to provide regular updates to user , push notification in app , sms and email shooting to user has been introduced by the cab booking companies to ensure customer convenience . The passenger is able to communicate with the driver as soon as he accept the rides without even asking the phone number .

The cost of building :

Integration of push notification required 40 hours , and sms and email integration requires additional 50 hours , to the total of 90 hours .


In order to make your app a huge success , a good designing is the only key , with ensures smooth interaction with the user .

The cost of building :

Designing can take between 72 hours to 180 hours which ranges from a simple design to eye catchy one . LEt’s consider an average of 100 hours for average app building .

  • Wire framing with take 28 hours
  • User interface will take 45 hours
  • User experience will take 27 hours

Our cost starts from $ 40 per hour and hence an app like Ola or Uber can be build within $ 25000 , depending on the requirement .

There are few more things which need to be consider while having an app idea of creating an app like Uber or Ola . You must ensure all the functionality as required by you before handing the project to an mobile app development company that is developing an app for you . Contact us now for more information .