Java Or Kotlin : Who Is The Originator Of Android Application ?

At whatever point we consider building up an android application , we generally consider creating it on java dialect . Anyway its 2018 , wherein there are assortments of options accessible to fabricate the app separated from java .

Certain programming dialects has possessed the capacity to get numerous eyes off of late this years and one of them is Google I/O , which is presently known to be the primary authority dialect of Android , named as Kotlin . Indeed, even the android studio bolsters Kotlin . Kotlin can be utilized effectively in android studio and the fundamental advantage being it diminishes the general app improvement time to incredible degree .

Presently the principle perplexity which emerges while discussing app development is which one to pick : Java or Kotlin ? Which one is better ? Gives read a chance to further to additionally discover .

What Is Kotlin ?

Kotlin is open source programming dialect use to fabricate amazing mobile applications . It is preloaded with question situated and utilitarian programming highlights for JVM and Android .

Kotlin was initially found in 2010 by JetBrains , the firm which is known for its surely understand Java IDEs .

Kotlin VS Java

The best part for the engineer with regards to taking in a Kotlin is any accomplished Java designer can get the entire thought of Kotlin and that to inside couple of hours . Kotlin is initially arranged from Java just , and that is the reason designers can utilize both Java and Kotlin all the while to get the best yield .

Java structures and libraries can be effortlessly made in Kotlin . Picking Kotlin over Java will most likely give you number of advantages in your app improvement process, for example, safe throwing , augmentation capacity and substantially more .

Is Moving From Java To Kotlin Is Good and Safer Decision ?

Java is universes most broadly utilized programming dialects , anyway it probably won’t be the situation when we are discussing Android improvement aways.

Java is an ancient dialect , albeit late dispatch of Java 8 with lambda work has inspired numerous engineers , however the truth of the matter is the point at which we are really assembling apps on android studio android will just help subset Java8 highlights , and consequently you will be unable to take the full stack preferred standpoint of Java 8 .

Aside from it NullPointException and attempt snappy squares are one more of the best issue confronted purchase a software engineer amid advancement . As we as a whole know java is old dialect , its grammar is likewise exceptionally old when we are contrasting it and present day programming dialect .

So noting the above inquiry , Kotlin code is superior to anything Java code , and can consummately chip away at android . In any case, Kotlin isn’t favored for freshers as it will be difficult to learn in the event that you don’t know with the idea of center Java . So for amateurs you can begin with Java and can later proceed onward to Kotlin .

So Will Winklix Prefer You To Use Kotlin ?

Java is an old school programming dialect which we have been utilizing since most recent 10 years . Despite the fact that there are top of the line designers who can give you a magnificent yield , yet the impediment of programming dialect is dependably been there throughout the years . What’s more, that is the reason Kotlin has accompanied more practical approached, for example, :

  • Stays away from NullPointExceptions mistakes
  • Simple to get because of open source
  • Diminishes coding time for better execution
  • It very well may be utilized with Java .

Simple to learn on the off chance that you know about sentence structure of Java .

Kotlin For Android Development : Yes Or Not ?

Umm… on the off chance that we were in 2015 , then we would have not received the same as Kotlin was not develop enough craftsmanship that time .

Be that as it may, the uplifting news is its 2018 , and yes Kotlin is develop enough to deal with all sort of demand . It likewise pre accompanies Android Studio bolster which implies IDE knows how to get the most out of this innovation . Anybody can take in this dialect easily , which giving less long haul crashes the Kotlin is wanted to be sent with different new highlights in coming years .

It is an advanced programming dialect and may defeat on Java inside couple of years . Java and Kotlin the two has the capacity of supporting all Java libraries and systems . The help and network for Kotlin is additionally expanding step by step .

So Kotlin has a more promising time to come and Java will unquestionably remain the mainstay of android app improvement which each fresher ought to learn at introductory stages .


Common UX Mistake During App Development

With no uncertainty it is perfectly clear that an appealing app configuration will dependably pull in client’s . Albeit mobile app development is intricate assignment . In 2018 , where app stores are overwhelmed with assortments of app , it’s exceptionally hard to think of one of a kind brand character which accompanies User Experience (UX) plan .

Pulling in rush hour gridlock from the web crawlers will takes years , if advanced persistently , and that is the reason a large portion of the mobile apps does not ready to get open consideration . For any best mobile app development company the plain first point is to show signs of improvement results by method for client experience and (UI) . It is seen in a large portion of the cases that if the client does not discover app alluring than they in all probability won’t come back to the app and site , because of unfortunate experience .

When we are discussing UX , its considerably more than just interface and visual outline . A decent UX planner is known to be one who are trend-setters , innovative and takes after of most recent patterns .

A portion of the basic UX botch that client must abstain from amid mobile app development are recorded underneath :

Thinking about UX As One Person Responsibility

On the off chance that you are considering giving a job of UX to a solitary individual then you are totally wrong . UX is never heading off to the one individual obligation , rather it is done in collaboration . Normally characterizing a shared objective and taking the entire group warning and inclusion amid all over developmental process will assist you with controlling background and mastery at their ability levels to advise all item appraisals .

Not Considering UX At Beginning Phase

A definitive client of the app gathering of people . It is imperative to get client criticism , their tongue of taste while outlining UX at starting stage . There are different distinctive models that that should be embraced to upgrade the shot of app achievement like MVP , model , wireframe and more .

Keep away from Complicated Login Pages

You probably observed the apps that contain protracted and confused login process , which at some point disturbs client which at last prompts erasure of apps . Offering a straightforward social login or login by means of email and telephone number/else giving them visitor login choice is better arrangement .

Confused And Messy App

Application ought to dependably be flawless and clean , ought to give route manual for client about how they can utilize the app featuring critical highlights of app and an obvious simple to utilize working . The planner ought to have a reasonable vision preset as a primary concern that the app is getting produced for individual utilize and not business utilize . Together with the originator imaginativeness , you should likewise deal with customers request and decision to get the best yield .

Perplexity Between UI And UX

UI and UX are two unique things , despite the fact that U is considered as center in mobile app development . It is has not been maneuvered carefully , all other depending modules and capacity will likewise not be on the track . The innovation is constantly changing in progressively changing condition and the plan must receive the most recent innovation so as to get best fit yield . Utilization of material plan , visual outline , graphical outline can help app in conveying the best UX .

Try not to Write Complicated Content

Content is the lord to accomplishment in online condition . It helps in SEO , it helps in connecting with client , getting app includes on App Store and considerably more . Keeping away from confused substance composing will increase the value of your app . Client finds extremely hard to peruse and comprehend muddled substance , and thus substance ought to be enlightening .

Try not to Avoid Feedback

Criticism is constantly known as a charger for mobile app . Accepting criticism as vital things and rolling out the improvements as needs be will assist the group with knowing the result go their diligent work performed . Continually approaching customers for input , rating and remarks will add on to your app image esteem and help you enhance the app as indicated by the necessities and decision of the client. Input is dependably for improvement of app , no never under any circumstance consider dismissing it .

How Mobile App User Has Changed Today ? And What Actually They Need In Mobile App

As the new era of app development has began due to recent improvement in technology and coming of AR/VR and machine learning , people are considering it as a miracle of technology . As a result of which user expectation from the app has now reached to next level . Now we all have smartphones full of apps which we use in our daily life for various purposes . Now lets quickly see how mobile app behaviour has changed .

User Are Expecting Live Interactive Elements

It’s been usually seen now that if you are offering a static screen in your app , they will get bored . Now in order to attract and  retain the user , the screen should move . In order for app to get success in present world it must offer a rotating app, tips to use apps , offering them slide here and there feature to play around the app , giving them notification which they complete performing the task and more .
These all can be achieved by hiring a mobile app development company who has awesome team of designer who can create the interaction according to needed scenario .

They Look Forward To Personalisation

This is the most common tricks followed by any sales guy , in which they try to interact with the customer to gain trust and sympathy . This case is same in case of mobile apps . Now user expect the apps by which they are interacting should offer them personalisation in order to make the life of the user easier . For instance , Amazon shows items on the basis of search history on its home page .

User Looking For Simplified Authentication & Registration Process

Many of the mobile apps and we services required prior authentic and signing up before using the app. Many of the past apps have offered a long form with authentication process which have tested the user patience , due to which customer patience has got broken.
And herein explain the most awkward movement , user want to get the full access of the app and at the same time the personal information of the app should no where gone in wrong hands – which simply means apps should be made in such a way that it does not take any personal information of the user and at the same time appropriate measures should be taken for data hacks .
The best possible solution that present time developers do is they offer registration via social media or facial or voice recognition which facilities simple authentication .

User Want Data Synchronization

User consider they value for time and comfort . And that is the reason they want data sync to get it accessible from any of the devices . Whether they are working from office or are at home , data should be sync and accessible from anywhere . The best example is Google And Apple , who have left no way to access and store data on drive and iCloud and it can be easily accessible from anywhere .

User Expect Apps To Fulfil Their Desire

In present world , a mobile app can keep a track record of the type keywords on your keypad and can give you suggestion according to the recent chat history . At the same time advancement in technology such as Apple Watch measure your time to time heartbeat and physical activity in various situations , and can also have the capability to predict when you can wake up in the morning , all possible because of Machine Learning ( MI) .
Thanks to Machine Learning ( MI) , by which mobile app has reached to next level , although it is still in developmental stage and we can expect much more in next future from it .

User Want To Tap , Swipe , Drag In App

Gone are those these when button is the only way to interact on mobile phones . Now the evolution of touch phones has begun which evolves gestures and tapping . Gestures gives a real world natural experience and thereby fits with the way we want to interact with the objects .

User Like Voice Control

In the very first decade of introduction of phone , it was necessary to tell telephone operator the number you want to connect with . Then this process was automated and now voice control has been introduced wherein usually the numbers are getting recognised by giving voice commands . The ability of mobile to function as per your voice command has opened the new doors of voice control .

Closing Remarks

We have seen that user are becoming more choosy and demanding . As the result of which in order to get the best app delivered you must choose an app developer who can offer you the implementation of the latest technology in the app and takes into account the changes that have happened to customer.

How Much Does An App And Website Like NetFlix Or Youtube Cost

What Is NetFlix ?

Gone are those occasions when you really need to sit tight for the TV arrangement to come and watch at the predefined time . NetFlix offers you membership to sit in front of the TV indicates , motion pictures and more on different stage by charging you on month to month premise . You can even observe the film on lease by in app buys from NetFlix .

NetFlix has dynamic client of around 86 million worldwide of which 47 millions are available in USA . NetFlix offers Android and iOS and web stage to achieve greatest number of clients free of cost , expect the charge for in app buys .

Winklix is driving programming development organization giving master answer for excitement app development for media and media outlet internationally .

Key Features Of NetFlix App

Client can without much of a stretch buy in for the month to month membership and can begin seeing TV demonstrates and Movies , rehashed broadcast from whenever and anyplace .

Client likewise have the adaptability to watch crosswise over various stage . For example they are watching the show in iPhone , they can in a flash change to web form and can begin seeing from their .

That not all , NetFlix likewise offers client to get a multi month membership free of cost which permits boundless shows and recordings .

Variables That Decide Cost Of NetFlix Or YouTube Like App

App Design

Configuration assumes an imperative part which choosing the cost of the app like NetFlix . The best planning rule is know to be basic and standard outline with straightforward convenience .Designing included wireframe , psd outline and last app outline . The app and web architecture of app like NetFlix would take around 3 weeks and consequently the cost for planning of app would be close about $ 5000 and for site $ 4000 .

App Features

The significant cost of building an application like NetFlix is live spilling fetched . NetFlix is none other than a major database administration app which offers sparing of video in database , alongside the live spilling of any video on the off chance that required .

The simple first and most vital element is month to month membership include , in which designer need to keep the reputation of the month to month membership alongside auto end of record in the event that they would prefer not to proceed for the following month . It more often than not take 2 weeks to build up this component .

Furthermore when discussing video’s , it might contain distinctive renditions of recordings like ordinary , HD , ultra HD and more . Getting to the video according to quality based on membership highlight would take around an additional 2 weeks .

Another highlights like installment passage reconciliation , overseeing client information , transferring of video from backend , live spilling of app , CMS framework could take around two months .

Aside from this the real segment of the financial specialists cost is contributed on the server , this sort of application for the most part requires a devoted server which draws close to about $ 300 every month as the underlying stage .

So the app includes in the event that you are wanting to have correct like Netflix would take around 12 weeks and the costing would be some place around $ 20000 .

App Platform

Another costing factor is number of various stage you need to reach , ie Android , iOS or Website or at the same time . Normally cost composed above is for a solitary stage , it will typically gets twofold based on number of stage you need to center around. The more number of stage you center , more changes to achieve more number of clients .

The cost might be minimal less expensive in the event that you need to offer a Hybrid app to your client , rather than local one .

Read : What is Hybrid And Native App ?


Testing of application crosswise over various stage would draw in time as is the charges. Taking off of application to the market without a decent testing will put every one of your endeavors into veins . Testing relying upon the app would take around 3 weeks with extra cost of $ 2000 .


The app like NetFlix according to the above highlights would take around 15 weeks for the finish with around $ 27000 in just for the total development for a solitary stage . The cost may increment or lessening based on highlights and expansion functionalities as required .

Winklix is app development company  have mastery in media and stimulation app development . Get in touch with us presently to get your app development by us .

How Mobile App Development Trend Is Growing In Digital Marketing

We all have been experiencing the new era of mobile app technologies which is growing with the help of increase in number of smartphones users . According to the recent reports , almost 80 % of the user traffic is coming from the mobile app now , and that will continue to rise more in forthcoming years . Custom mobile app development is doing a good job in framing marketing strategies . Now with the help of mobile app , you can actually extract the data in case you are planning for a long term marketing campaign strategy .

Acquiring Data Through Mobile Apps For Planning Long Term Digital Marketing Strategy

With the use of mobile apps , its been very easy to acquire data of the customer for both sales and digital marketing trends . You will be able to access their contact list , would be able to know their preferences , buying behaviour and more . These data is not proven beneficial for one time use only , but it will act as a long term asset for you which keeps on helping you from time to time . Since apps are now one of our mandatory part of life , we could not loose this opportunity and offer apps that follows customer everywhere .

Reaching User At Large

Custom mobile app development is usually terms as a one time investment which helps to you grow your business to next level . Business across the world can facilitate user to download their app with just a simple and short quick link . With the help of mobile apps , business can reach mass level of customer and can engage the customer through various modes , instead of customer searching for their brands individually . The another big advantage being your app can be accessed globally and non limiting your bricks shops to be accessed from one specified place only .

World Is Just A Tap Away With Mobile App

The mobile apps has simplified our life , making it more easy and convince and that’s all is possible just because of technological advancement in mobile apps . In todays world , GPS is used to get the direction ,  social media and chatting apps are used to connect with family and friends all over the world and that’s so free of cost , we can shop online through app without even actually visiting the physical store . Moreover we can book taxi service from home , view live streaming of the television , can order food online and last but not the least can download good games for time pass . Therefore before making any app for your business , always try to fill them with the features which can become the user daily life part .

Power Unlocked With Push Notification

Familiar with a ping of different apps on the top of your phone , often know as notification . In technical terms it is known as push notification . Push notifications plays a important role in case you want to give important update or new features update to the users . Business are actually using this to introduce their new products , give user offers and discounts and more . It is quite obvious that you will surely like to use this feature in the app to highest your update which user often ignores while using app . But wait… you need to smartly plant this push notification in the app , else either user will uninstall your app or get your notification muted .

Give Sign Up Feature And Enhanced User Experience

It’s not worthwhile to offer an app to the user without the sign up feature . You can simplify the process and limit the filed in the sign up , but you need to necessarily work on this feature to make your app useful. If you are not encouraging user to sing up on app , all your efforts will go into vain . You should design the apps in such a way that it offers easy sign up process and highly enhanced user experience . Moreover your apps need to be compatible with all smartphone screens , so you should get both Android and iOS app developed for your business to reach huge number of customers .


Smartphones has changed our lives completely . At Winklix as a leading mobile app development company  , we are full equipped with application development team . We are dedicated towards designing and development of mobile apps that user will make the part of their daily life .

Celebrity Mobile App Development And How They Are Actually Helping To Promote Personal Brand

App market has been flooded with celebrity apps .Kendall , Britney Spears and many other famous celebrities have their own personal mobile apps . Apps helps famous celebrity , brand musicians to get connected with audience easily thus increasing their brand awareness .

Why There Is A Need Of Own Apps For Celebrity ?

Celebrity always finds a way out for getting engaged with the audience , and that is the reason they are being very active on social media platform to expand their audience network and be in direct contact with their fans . Now lets look at some of the reasons of why they are actually in need of mobile apps .

Personal Branding 

For increasing celebrities personal brand , mobile apps are more than a necessity now a days . Mobile app lets celebrities connect with their fans both online and offline .

Decades ago celebrities have to appear on TV shows at regular intervals for staying in touch with audience . Some years back , there was a time of personal website of celebrities which was know to be official website and is must for all stars . But now a days along with the website , mobile apps has become the hot dish of the time .

So the outcome is actively presence on the social media platform along with mobile apps to reach more number of fans network is necessary . It is actually more necessary than TV network .

But oh ho … wait , not all celebrity apps gains popularity . In order to have a celebrity app to have millions of downloads , it must focus on describing who actually the celebrity is , what does they do and what are their values and purpose . An app should focus more on personal brand like showing their personal life , representing their ideas and values and more .

Revenue From In App Purchases

Money is another reason why celebrities is focusing on mobile apps . It is a known fact that celebrity app is more likely to gain downloads , awareness than a non branded apps . Its a good good strategy to offer a mix of free and premium content , in order to create attracting in more number of users. It is a common trend to offer in app purchases together with free apps . User as they are curious of knowing celebrities life rather than their partner lives more , they are more likely to purchase the premium content offered in app . In 2014 , some of the celebrity app has launched which has gained millions of revenue .

Hence the conclusion being developing of apps in profitable for both celebrities and mobile app development companies .

Types Of Celebrity Apps

Okay , we know that mobile apps are necessary for celebrities , but lets see now which app works best .


Games are probably the biggest niche of celebrity apps . In 2014 app of Kim Kardashian , has launched and gained huge success in field of mobile games . Users are offered with living the life style of the celebrity . The app was such a huge success that it gained  $ 1.6 million in the very first five days of its release . Mobile apps are great to connect with fans and that is the reason celebrity active participation in app development is necessary .

Content Apps

The content app of celebrity is another demanding app . They offer for what they re famous for. . For instance if some celebrity is also famous for his cooking style , then they can offer a free as well as premium recipes for cooking which user will of course love to see and purchase a premium package .

Social Platform Apps

Taylor Swift nailed a social platform app that lets the fans connect to her by offering them daily news update , sharing of photos , videos with user . Whats more ? User are facilitated with commenting , sharing , liking of videos and post and can also give feedback on the post . By completing some specified task user can unlock Taymojis that can also be purchased from in app purchases .

So in case you are a celebrity in is looking for celebrity mobile app development company , you can contact us . We have all solution available under one roof .

How To Make A Mobile App That People Love To Use ?

Having an app plan ? It will not run with success till and unless you build an client central app that user can like to use and caters their daily wants . Hiring a decent mobile app development company isn’t enough for obtaining an awing app . App development method goes from range of step by step method and solely hiring Android app developer , or a iPhone app developer isn’t enough . It undergoes from range of screening method – it involves UI/UX designer , graphic designer , analyst , app developer and tester to with success build the app for the targeted audience .


You must have detected of the term ” initial Impression Is Last Impression ” . therefore if your app isn’t user friendly at terribly initial stage of its transfer , and wasn’t able to steal the center of the user , they’ll merely uninstall the app from their phone . therefore taking note of shopper interest , psychology , earth science and then on is should before changing AN app plan into reality . equally rating and reviews from the user count creditability and value of the appliance .


Now lets look into a number of the points to figure to figure closely together with your purchasers :

After Sales Relationship With Networking : Grabbing new deals and shutting the deal isn’t the top of the sales . you have got to truly unfold your network to when sales services additionally , by perpetually keeping is mind that each relationship is vital . you’ll be able to detain bit together with your client by causation them promoting emails and feedback letters .

Be A observer And Learner : perpetually keeping an eye fixed on the newest app development trend and golf shot efforts to develop one thing new and distinctive can perpetually add on creditability to your app . creativeness is favourite by everybody . {for instance|for example|as AN example|as an instance|to Illustrate|parenthetically|let’s say|maybe} you’re building an ecommerce app , then repetition the look of enormous players in not an answer of the matter , you need to specialise in making a user friendly style in competition with massive players however not repetition their style .

Quality Assurance / Testing : A tested and bug free app is often purchasers basic demand . it’s sole responsibility of app development company to place the utmost efforts in testing to deliver error free app to client .


App reflects your whole and it ought to be handle with utmost care so as to create name and trust within the business . currently a days shoppers became terribly fastidious and tight that has accumulated the competition within the market to next level .In the app development business , it’s currently turning into a lot of vital to induce delighted client instead of obtaining solely happy purchasers .


How Mobile App Development companies square measure serving to Enterprises Globally ?

A mobile device with humanoid and iOS package is incredibly common within the market . Entrepreneurs square measure that specialize in having a mobile app for his or her customers , internal management and a lot of . therefore take your call exactly and opt for the best app developer in your city .