Winklix has built many award winning apps that gets featured in the App Store and helped many clients in turning their dream app idea into reality. We take time to think about the questions that need to be answer before building an app like how much time it will take to build an app, how much it will cost  and keeping in mind the possible reasons of startups failure and how can we help our client to overcome with the same. Let’s look at the few questions start-ups need to necessarily answer before building an app from the app development company.

How do I protect my app idea?


Do you have a great idea? You clearly don’t want your idea to get accessed by other person because if he does get your idea, he may ran away with your part of food even before you start developing it . This will help him to generate lots of revenue making his app successful. Winklix signs a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) with the client to help him prevent his app idea. NDA makes sure that your data is secured and privacy is there.Secondly we always welcome new ideas and accept it as a challenge to overcome on the same. Our team are greedy to develop something awesome that is loved by the user .

For more detail information and benefits , refer to our article Android App Vs iOS App .

For which platform should I develop an app?

Choosing the right platform can be a difficult task. According to a study android users spend less time on an app as compared to iOS users. People who use iOS tends more to buy an app as compared to android users. So iOS app earns more money as compared to android users. However, android platform is much more popular than the iOS users. So it totally depends on your business to decide for which platform you want to develop an app?

How much an app will cost?


The cost of an app depends on what and how many feature does your app has? It also depends upon who is developing your app; whether it is a multinational company or a start-up. MNC companies charge relatively higher than the start-ups. We, at Winklix charge affordable fees and thereby delivering you the product desired by you . Choosing us simply means developing your app from the app development company that values for money. You can get a free quotation and advice from us by contacting us .

How much time it will take to build an app?


Development of an app requires lot of stages of development like strategy planning, designing, development testing etc. The time an app takes to develop depends on the app you want to build. If the app is small, it will take two weeks , if the app is big it will take around 3-4 months to complete or more . It totally depends on the type of application required by you .

How do I raise money for my App?


Before starting a venture it is important to gather some funds to develop your app. You can ask the investors to invest money for developing your app. It is very important to build trust among the investors that you are serious about your venture. This can be done by investing some of your money along with the investor’s money. If you are based in US , lots of startup funding sites are available .

How to prevent app from failure?


To prevent the app from failure, it is important to understand that an app is not just an app, it is a business. We, at Winklix clearly understand this and we work together to help the clients to develop their app. We have dedicated team who is focussed to delivering successful app. We have a team of business development manager , project manager , designer and developer who has expertise knowledge in their field to deliver you the best product guaranteed .

How often should I update my app?


Releasing update of an app is very essential as it fixes the app bugs.  Releasing future updates of an app ensures that your app is up to date. This helps in retaining the users. All the new features can be added through the updates.  Updates helps in generating excitement among the users. Reviews and ratings also help the companies to decide what features are good in your app and what users do not like in the app. App is not the one time process that we build it and deliver the same to you . If you want your app to be success in market , you need to regular provide updates to your customer as per the market demand , by adding on add ons , features relevant for the user and so on .

So in case you are willing to hand over your next big project to us , you can right away contact us .




Artificial Intelligence is one of the hot topics in recent times. It is quite astonishing how artificial intelligence has grown in the recent years. Lot of big business and technical companies has shown interest in the artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has contributed in lot of sectors like health, finance, education ,real estate etc. It has completely changed the development of the mobile apps. Companies are investing lot of money in artificial intelligence. The rate at which AI is growing is enormous.

The world is attracted toward the thought of having personal assistants to accomplish routine tasks. Artificial Intelligence has a huge scope as far as the technology is concerned. It has grown strong roots in the mobile app development. It has completely personified the mobile app development process.

Understanding the concept of Artificial Intelligence

First of all, let us understand the concept of artificial intelligence. What is it exactly? Artificial Intelligence is the ability because of which a machine can perform tasks similar to the humans. To do these tasks, various technologies must be incorporate din the machine like Natural Language Processing, Machine Vision, Knowledge Management etc.

Natural Learning means that machine can learn automatically without any external programming. Machine will perform according to the new situation by machine learning. Artificial Intelligence has endless possibilities. They can be used as digital assistant. In the mobile technology, AI is used in chatbots and context-aware sensors to provide an enhanced user experience to the user.


Demand for personal experiences

There has been an upsurge in the demand for better personal experiences. Ai has been a major factor in driving these personal experiences. Users demand more in-depth facilities. This sets a very high benchmark for the mobile app developers. Users now want more interactive and intuitive app that can work as mobile assistant of the users. There are apps in the market that uses AI to display the menu card of the food depending upon the interests.


With the advancement of technology, AI is impacting the businesses in so many ways. Tech giants are already involved in providing AI enabled products which are changing the future of the world. The AI enabled devices and products are based on the algorithms and machine learning. It has made the businesses more productive and increased the net revenue of the company. Now more and more companies are looking forward to build the apps which have the artificial intelligence facility.

AI has improved the customer engagement facility of the business. So, now the companies can interact more intuitively with the people. It has built the brand value of the businesses and has helped in expanding them.

New opportunities for App Development

Artificial Intelligence has made a strong mark in the IT industry It has lot of potential in the near future. We can say that that AI is going to rule the technologies in the future. That is the reason why lot of people are investing in the AI and will continue to do so in future.

In case you are looking for AI app development solution , you can contact Winklix who can provide you the app desired by you .

Top Mobile Marketing Trends That Are Emerging In 2018

Using of mobile as one of the marketing space has changed the way of doing mobile marketing business , and thus being one of the smartest decision in technology market . Most of the small vendors now a days are relying more on mobile apps and less on websites . Since mobile app marketing is new kind of digital marketing it has become one of the most preferred way for promoting business , and so is the rise in demand of mobile app development companies .

2017 was the year of digital technology . Together with the digital technology , mobile app development , artificial intelligence and IoT are also emerging players in the market .Some of the hottest emerging mobile marketing trends which are predicted in 2018 are given below :

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP by Google are mainly comprise of three major components : AMP HTML , AMP Javascript , and Content Delivery Network .
AMP mainly stand out of the crowd due to its faster load time . A mobile website with AMP compatibility can be accessed by user at very fast load times , thus reducing the bounce rate which is one of the hardest challenge for small business .


Chatbots together with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being used for an automated response while interacting with the customers . At present , we can see chatbots playing a major role in  customer support , but in 2018 they may get a new space in mobile marketing by offering shopping assistance to customer . By this customer can directly interact through chatbots , can get the preferred product in the chatbots itself and can buy from their directly .

Live & Interactive Video

Many of the social media platform has already featuring this live video features as seen in Facebook , twitter etc , and hence the marketing person has also joined the trend of live videos . Live interaction build credibility and trust , and if used in a well manner , will be one of the best way of promoting a product . It really does not matter whether it is a big or a small brand , live video marketing is the trending technology . In addition to live video streaming , live comment section is also live which can help customer to solve their queries during live video .
Another form of video marketing is clickable video , in which business shoot video and then plays across different platform via video marketing or PPC system and if user finds it interesting then click on it and then straight away redirected to the main site from where they can directly buy the product .

Native Advertisement

Native advertisement means show casing the product as per the interest of the customer . For instance say you are watching a sports video , native advertisement will show you products like sports shoes , track pants etc on the basis of your interest . By this a interest of the customer can be targeted , thus helping brand to get more loyal customers and higher conversion rate .
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It is very essential to have a good ranking of your mobile app for the business. It not only increases the number of downloads but also increases the revenue generated from the app. It is highly recommended to promote your app for the successful launch of the app. In today’s world, both emerging and well-established organizations are constantly looking forward to improve the mobile app ranking. A good rank in the app store helps you to connect more users and retain existing customers. It is essential that your app has good reviews which will highlight your app amongst the other apps.

Here are some ways through which you can improve your mobile app rating:

Do a proper research work on app store

Before you launch your app, do a proper research on Google play store and iTunes. Both are completely different from each other, both follow different rules and regulation. Google play store focuses more on the description of the app while iTunes app store emphasise on the keywords to categories and display of your app.

So, it is better to have a proper strategy before launching an app. Have a full insight about how the app store optimization works and then only go for the next step.

Choose a reliable plug-in

One of the best factors that are responsible for improving the app ranking is the quality of reviews. If your app has good reviews, it will automatically rank on the top of the app stores . One should consider choosing a reliable plugin that integrates well with iOS and android and ask the users for reviews. There are some plug-in that ask for the review when the user explores the app for a while. Some plugins encourages the user to give review as soon as the user gives review about the app.

Provide incentives for reviews

It is not a simple task to make users to write reviews. Opening review popups are not enough to encourage them. One should provide incentives to encourage users to write reviews. These incentives can be providing free in-game rewards, giving away virtual gifts, providing bonus points or giving away free coupons. These incentives can be given away by making promises to the users. People like free stuff and are easily attracted towards it. Wait for the users to complete some actions and then gently ask them to give reviews about the app.

Use SEO optimization

When you launch your app, you need to draw traffic to your app for more downloads. To draw more traffic, it is very necessary to use search engine optimization tools like email campaigns, PPC and social media. Social media is one of the biggest tool that can result in the success of your app. You can use app promotions like advertising your app in other apps etc. It boosts the optimization process and draws the traffic. Use keywords as it makes the app to list higher in the app store.

Expressive screenshots

To attract the users to download the app, it is very crucial that your app have very expressive and attractive screenshots. These screenshots must have a unique design to entice the users. You must provide screenshot of functionalities of your app with a very informative and quality description of your app.

Go Social

Social media is a very powerful platform. With proper campaigns and strategy, you can influence the viewers to click on the download link of the app. Advertise you app on the social media, build online social communities to build a fan base for your app. This will enhance the number of downloads for your app.

Regular Updates

It is very essential to provide regular updates for you app as it will remove the bugs from your app and will enhance the user experience. It will make sure that new features get added to the app with the current changing market trends.

Final Words

The technology keeps on changing with time. So it is essential to keep updated with the current market trends. To make your app rank higher in the app store, it requires continuous efforts. Winklix is one of the best app development companies who have a very professional team dedicated towards building app on all platforms and will guide you to rank your app higher in the app store.

Exploring Deception In Software Development – Who’s Is Really Building Your App

First of all congrats for making it so far . You have your entire business model pre set in your mind , right from wireframes to financial projection , and say you might also have a VC’s in front of you who is happily ready to fund your business . Then obviously you might be thinking of approaching a big Mobile App Development company for your business model .

You might have found the app development agency whom portfolio are flooded with big clientele logo’s like Netflix , Sony , Facebook and so on.

Problem :

You are feeling crazy to check on each app developed by that specific mobile app development company , to see what awesome they really did so far . You web browser are doing their role , but that page might not let loaded . Need not to worry , your browser might be telling you the truth , right ? Perhaps not . Their designer might be doing the internship in some college , but the point is do they able to provide you the appropriate solution for your business problem . If they have really serving large chunks of more than 500 + clients , and are representing as a large companies who have served the large players , then they must be able to satisfy you more than your expectation . However this might not be the case every time with you . They might be willing to flaunt you by showing you they have actually build something for that company .

Solution :

Ask them a simple question , what they really did for those companies ? They might be in some kind of NDA with those companies , but they positively have something to answer , say ” We have designed custom software ” , or ” we designed something for them ” .

Problem :

The company you might have choose might be charging you $ 120 an hour but , but they are not transparent about who is doing your project  .

Solution :

The one and only solution to this problem is ask if you could meet them whether virtually or by walking into their office . By this step you might be able to find why they exactly want so much of time and what are they exactly doing In those hours . Is is an important step , because what if they are  charging you $ 120 or $ 140 an hour and they are actually outsourcing your project to someone situated in India , its not like that Indian app developers don’t have a excellent mind to develop the app , but it is the matter of question that you are paying $ 120 per hour for glorified referral under the guise of honest agency .It might be extreme risk to trust on someone who is actually doing like this and making you fool irrespective of your investment .

Bottom Line

You only have 2 choices at this point of time , either you can blindly trust the developer or you can act as we guided to you . As if it is really been a situation that your app is being outsourced , you can in this world of modernisation can hire a agency by your own rather than paying such a hike prices .
Want to know what it is like to work with local development agency ?  Walk in to our office of Winklix at  G-89 , Sector -63 , Noida , India to have a cup of coffee with our android and iOS app development team . Our first and the primary focus is to build great products , and helping you get out the layers of confusion in application development .

Mobile App Development In Retail Industries

The announcement of demonetization by the Indian government in late november , 2016 gave country’s people a big big shock except for companies who are mobile wallet providers. Their business got a huge boom , mobile wallets becomes necessity for common men during that time. As the demand of mobile wallet has gone up , so is the demand of app developer in Delhi and all over India has also gone up to large extent.

“Where by the use of mobile devices any person can easily send or receive money no matters whether they are businessmen or individuals , are known to be mobile wallet payment services .They are form of e-commerce model that can be easily used by mobile devices and are very easy to access. We can also call mobile wallets as mobile money or mobile money transfer.”

There was been a revolutionized change in the economy of India .Starting from a very small street shop owners to branded showrooms , everyone started accepting payment through mobile wallets. This revolution has helped people to avoid the long queues outside ATM’s and banks. If some business owners are not familiar with mobile payment options , feels lost somewhere in the destiny.

The fear of loosing sales during demonetization have forced every shop owners to opt for mobile payment options , and that is the reason mobile payment options has come as blessings for their business after demonetization.


What is UPI ?            

Unified Payment Interface(UPI) is payment system allowing you to transfer money just like NEFT/IMPS between the two parties with just a click away.

It has made easy for the people to pay directly from their respective bank accounts to the seller without remembering the card number or net banking passwords.

What will face hurdle in near future

The biggest disadvantage of wallet system is the sender and receiver of the money must have account with the same mobile wallet companies , and thus forcing them to use only various wallets for different type of people. Another drawback is wallet does not earn any interest.

Also the biggest hindrance that all specially the small vendors are facing is they cannot withdrew more than Rs 25000 in a month to their bank account , thus affecting cash flow of merchants to large extent. Another disadvantage is mobile wallets can be used by only Smartphone users.

UPI fills the void

As mobile wallets have many disadvantages , the next best substitute available is debit and credit cards. Acceptance of debit/credit card largely depends on merchant acceptability.

UPI had been introduced by RBI in 2016 is the best alternative available till now for bank to bank transfer. In today world wallet is famous, but in tomorrows world direct payment system may get ahead of mobile wallet.

Winklix has the take effect & proven capabilities servicing Fortune 500 clients to construct a functionally sealed payment system behind the features of your unconventional & easability for both sender and receiver.

Mobile App Development In Retail Industries


The only one industry that has revolutionized the mobile app technology completely , is retail industry. Almost 70% increase in use of mobile app has been measured in last few years. However , in spite of this giant change in mobile app technology , many of the retailers are not able to cope up with the rapid changing mobile technology.

In this article we are going to discuss some problematic areas for mobile app development , should also discuss the do’s and don’t for bailing a successful app for retail industry.

Is mobile apps just a small version of your desktop website?

Obviously No . Although many retailers consider their app as small version of their website . We ought to think that app is just mobile responsive website , and thus they are not able to distinguish between the two.

In order to get the mobile app a huge success for that particular retail industry , they must have to cope up with the latest technology prevailing in current market with best creative and modern design layouts .In case retailer fails to do so , they are giving opportunities to their other competitors to get ahead of them.

With innovation of some great technologies like GPN(Google Push Notification API) for announcing great discount offers and in store events and many other innovation , treating mobile app as website will struck your business expansion

How to improve mobile app experience?

By encoding some basic modules in app can enhance the user experience and may increase number of downloads for your app. Some economical features that can be easily implemented in app’s are GPS locator, bar code scanner, GSM, Google maps .

For instance you can search through GPS the current location of nearest fashion store located, till when it is open and so on.

Social sharing should also be encoded in each app , and it improves social sharing and gathering and at the same time improves brand awareness. Social media and social sharing tools are more of a norm than luxury these days.

Notification trays also plays important role to increase brand awarded, offers and discounts. but sometimes it is proven irritating also.

Over to you !

It is sociable to see therefore many retailers trying out various ways to save their mobile app users happy but it wouldn’t be muddled to notice that they are still in the nascent stage following it comes to developing added features. We are still to see retailers using devotee technology in a pretension that shopping becomes fun and intuitive.

Do you think GPS locators and beacons are the best we can make a performance of in retail? If you approaching an app developer or have any attractive ideas re the subject, interest share your thoughts in the clarification knocked out.